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Awesome, thanks for the helpful reply!


One thing to keep in mind syncing Octatrack and modular, is that the OT will not output dinsync analog clock, only midi clock (analog vs digital). So things like Pamelas Workout will not directly sync to the Octatrack, unless you use Pams as the master clock with one of the expanders providing midi out. I found this out the hard way, and fortunately use an Analog Rytm, which does do dinsync out. Yarns or other midi modules will sync from the Octatrack fine.


Pardon my absolute noob question but what exactly are sample chains in reference to the ot? A practical example would be very useful and greatly appreciated.


It’s just a single wav file containing multiple samples played one after another, which you would slice on the octatrack to play the individual sample hits. Here’s an example of percussion sounds recorded from a dinky’s taiko: https://www.elektronauts.com/files/443


Back with another question for experienced OT users: Is it possible play back an 11 bar loop (with just one trig on step 1 of the sequence) and keep the 16th note sequencer grid? In other words, how can I keep the sequence at Scale 1x and a length of 16 steps, but only retrigger step 1 every 11th time? Trig Conditions seem like the appropriate solution, except you can’t set a condition of 1:11. Any other ideas?

Edit: I realize the Elektronauts forum might be a better place to ask this, but I like it here … :slight_smile:


just to add… its a single wav file containing multiple samples evenly spaced one after another…

ex. just drop 64 things on a DAW timeline, making sure they’re all on 1/4 notes (or half or whatever)… export it…
then when you slice into 64 on the OT you have 64 sounds in one file, accessible via the slice # knob…

or any version thereof…


Just out of curiosity, why don’t you want to change the scale of the pattern? That would be your best way. You can set it so it only affects that individual track, leaving the scale of the other 7 tracks to be whatever. And I’m pretty sure scale changes only affect that one pattern.

Other than that, I don’t think there’s a way to do what you want.


I’m still using the sequencer to do 16th note parameter locks on the FX, so it would be great to not have to change the scale.


But can’t you change the length without changing the speed?
If it comes down to it, you might also consider using LFOs to do what you’re doing with the p-locks, although that’s considerably more limited and way more of a PITA


Oh, also, loops will repeat forever if you put the release at infinite. So you could just trigger your crazy 11 bar loop one time when the pattern changes (via a conditional trig), and it will loop until you play a different sound on that track (e.g. by switching the pattern) or you stop the entire sequence.


Yes! This was the missing bit - I didn’t loop the slice that contained the 11 bar loop. Now I can have the loop playing and a 1 bar / 16 step sequence on top of it :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!


I sync my modular to the OT by sending the metronome out of the headphone jack (cue) and into the clock input on Pam’s - works great.


awesome. been experimenting with sample chains. love punching in slices mpc style and “overdubbing” new patterns over and over. really fun way to make patterns live.


definitely! live recording the slices is hella fun! sorry realized how long ago your question was after i replied… but whatever it works haha


Oh thats a great idea using the headphones out.


Can’t believe I never thought of this!! Huge thanks for posting.


Credit where credit’s due it’s a trick I picked up watching one of Surgeon’s videos where he talks about his live rig. He’s a wiz.


I am guessing what you want is a trigger of an 11 bar sample, and a 16 step sequence with locks for the effects?
As always with the OT, there is a couple of ways to do this:

  1. Neighbor machines: On your first track (any from 1-7) make the 11 bar sequence using multipliers. On the track immediately after (previous track number + 1) set machine to Neighbor and set up your 16 step FX sequence.
  2. Trig conditions: set your track up with your 16 step but set a trig condition of 1st on the first trigger. Set the playback of the sample to loop. This will make sure the sample is only triggered once. To retrigger the sample arm the track by double tapping ‘enter/yes’.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for those! I had been able to figure out how to do it with the one shot trigs, but was looking for a way to not manually have re-arm the track for every iteration of the loop. @midilifestyle gave the winning tip that works perfectly for me :blush:


I can be a pain but here’s always a way with the OT, you just have to find how you want to use it.