ODYSSEY vinyl record


I released a vinyl record of my album ODYSSEY very recently, there is only 1 copie left.

Clear 12" thick stereo lathe cut record with 2 sides printed jacket, made in Canada.

Your copy is unique:
The jacket will be signed with your name and identified with the copy’s number on the back. You can send me a message if you wish to specify a different name.

Limited edition:
Very short run of 5 copies only.

Have a listen on Bandcamp:


Really good stuff. Can you tell more about the process and/or intention?

that’s a chonky vinyl! :laughing:

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Aha it is 12" and it is thick, should have used a comma :smile:

So I had released 2 albums Oddysey Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 only digitally, and I thought they would be perfect for vinyl, especially lathe cut which can have a little more noise than pressed ones. The music is Ambient/Soundtrack/Scifi style and so the noise of the vinyl wouldn’t be an issue it would even be a good addition I thought.

I searched for someone making lathe cut specifically and in Canada, also because with lathe cut each copy is done by hand and so it is possible to get very small runs compared to pressed factories that have a minimum of 100 copies. And in Canada because I’m here so it would be better to get it locally.

So I found Red Spade Records, https://www.redspaderecords.com/, which is run by Robyn Raymond, she did a really good job, I love the clear vinyl and the thickness of it. I was looking for the clear colour because I thought it looked more spacey and it would match the album.

Also regarding the music itself, I wrote the songs in 2020, and I suppose being more inside influenced my inspiration. It’s quite different from my previous album Genesis/ReGenesis, this time there is no drums at all and it is more deep I think.

Regarding the process, all the songs are done in software, but I improvised some of the melodies first while playing on my homemade synthesizers, that might be also explaining why it is so different than before.

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Much Love for this, compliments the snowy dark evolving mood in Scotland/World.

Could listen to this for days and days…