off-map discoveries: a norns script excavation thread

About a week ago, I asked the community for some thoughts around an idea I had for some automation to help clean up some discrepancies between various places where you might find norns scripts: library + norns package manger + -- bot to help make sure it's in all the places?

Lots of great discussion about that idea, and I sincerely appreciate all who shared their thoughts. Most illuminating to me were hearing the general sentiments and thoughts around the process of sharing these things from various creators.

It made me realize that while I like the ability to know where to look for certain things, trying to automate away that process was actually not a great idea for quite a few reasons (authors may not want their creations on a specific platform for whatever reason, and trying to shoehorn this as a responsibility of the authors could throw up walls to impede the creative process.) Rather, it seems like users are eager to explore the idiosyncrasies of the process of finding and using scripts off the beaten path. @tehn had a good suggestion here to provide a place in the community to do that:

So here is that thread! And here is an (extremely non-exhaustive) list of things I’m envisioning being shared in this thread:

  • a script you found mentioned on some random place on the web (provided you’ve gotten support from the author to share it)
  • a duplication of an existing script with a few lines tweaked to do something cool or weird or mysterious
  • a silly idea you had one day that you’d like to share but maybe don’t want to memorialize/set yourself up to maintain with a full-on library thread
  • something that you had some grand ideas for, and you have a v0 but lost steam on it/other priorities before getting all the way there

Definitely feel free and encouraged to share the audiovisual creations you’ve made with the code you’re sharing/has been shared here.

To keep things friendly, please don’t share anything that you know will cause issues with norns upon running/install, and if it does say, only work with an older version of norns, just be up front in the description when sharing if you know that up top, and if not, try to revise/edit your original post if people report issues along those lines about something you’ve shared here.

I’ll kick things off with a quick roll up of the scripts that have library threads but are not found at or the maiden package manager as of 1629923645587 (the “script”, or rather code snippets, I used to compile this info is here). Hopefully this can be useful to people who want to try out a bunch of scripts, or install all scripts that begin with the letter “g” or something. Note that the pattern-matching I’m doing to figure this out is pretty crude, and so things are liable to slip through. If you are an author and you see your scripts here, this section of the norns docs describes how to add them to both of these places, should you so desire.

library scripts not found on (127)
library scripts not found in the maiden package manager (51)

Am I ruining the fun if I share my own abandoned scripts? :slight_smile:

lights, noise, & promises (a collection)
crowl I don’t remember at all
twocan was a tocante-alike? despite never touching one!
freejazz I think was supposed to be vaguely approaching plumbutter “drama generator” ideas
kudos to @rbxbx for the logo and tocante recordings and inspiration

five minute noise set
obnoxious noise for norns PLEASE TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME
kind of has some fun glitchy GFX but for real turn down your volume

Ramon Sender - “Tropical Fish Opera” for Monome Norns

perhaps I should polish and publish this one, a port of @tehn’s muon max patch

this was supposed to work like an SQ-1 but I don’t remember where I stopped

I got really into C64 for like two weeks and have a WIP chiptune engine somewhere

also I made something that was inspired by, yet sounds nothing like a mosstone a while back that I really should find


Excited to try these! Great idea for a thread @jlmitch5 thanks! Quite a few I hadn’t heard of before


thanks for compiling the list @jlmitch5 ! I meant to reply to the last one, but wobblewobble has been accounted for on!

this only adds to the fun :slight_smile: these are great! love these little ideas.

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And haha, I was thinking I should have left trails/clues to find scripts rather than links to keep with the excavation theme :wink:

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Absolutely not, exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to encourage people to share. I added another bullet point on my original post about sharing things like this. These sound cool!

Ah, I accidentally forgot to update my scraping of my script when I started this :sweat_smile:. That being said, I see wobblewobble here wobblewobble | norns community but not here gallery | norns community

I actually am not sure how that gallery link works. it seems like something that is automated (and my number went from 133 to 130 so at least some have been added to it in the past week, but maybe it runs as part of a cron job on some sort of interval? @tyleretters or @eigen do y’all happen to know if there’s something to do to update gallery (or some other place I could look for a more latest, up-to-date “all scripts” on


it’s an iframe:

<iframe src=""id="gallery-iframe"></iframe>

you can see the source here:

and here

these pull in the wiki.js data via the graphql api.

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ah, as I’ve been working on adding my own scripts I realized it was because wobble wobble didn’t have a script-categories tag (only a connectivity tag of “crow”). I added “utilities” and it shows up as expected.

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thanks for making this thread I think it’s a great idea !

technically a work in progress & I’ll share it eventually, but it works right now & it’s pretty fun !

I think the grid illustration is wrong right now & only the left side 64 grid keys work. midi keyboard should also work, and there’s audio input if you can figure it out :~) :~)


great idea!! i am going to live in this thread—i have a couple of scripts on the “missing from” list (cccccccc, traffic) and this is absolutely a better place for them than there. i’ve honestly wondered if i should ask them to get pulled from the maiden installer page, but have not yet because AFIAK they still “work” as well as they ever had with the limited amount of attention i had to give them.

reflections on how i wound up “off map” as someone who was right on the edge of the “beginner/intermediate” line:

when i posted stuff in the library (2+ years ago??), the community felt very different. obviously there were still a lot of incredibly talented people doing scripts, but there were just fewer people, so there were more obvious gaps. it was possible for me to try every script, KNOW that none of them could do exactly what i wanted, and also due to the limited volume of new scripts, be reasonably confident if i wanted to try making something myself, i was probably the only one working on that exact thing.

since then, so many great/prolific creators have joined the space that i have the opposite problem. both the volume and the complexity of the stuff people share here has really exploded. i’m no longer confident that i have a sense that anything i’m doing would be useful to anyone other than me, because i no longer have the capacity to master every script. great problem to have!

but there is also a bit of a negative side to this. some of these scripts have extremely elegant/aesthetic documentation, etc, with their own vernacular, contributors who at least appear to be good-to-professional at Development, responsive feature requests, regular updates, bug fixes, fitting entire works of art just on the norns display and then also putting a great sounding script on top of it….

it gets to be pretty intimidating! this is certainly no individual’s intent, but personally, it does have a bit of a chilling effect….at least for me and i imagine people with my temperament, it starts to feel like, with everyone is raising the bar on all fronts, the bar is being raised faster than i am able to keep up, or be able to support after making the post!

(but also, this is part of the appeal of the project—a decentralized repository of scripts which are artsy, opinionated, quirky, and/or non-technical are a breath of fresh air in a music world where a lot of the tools and documentation are aggressively utilitarian and at times formulaic. these ideas are going to be in tension and that’s OK. adding this disclaimer because i feel like this negativity could be a bummer to read for some)

the way i make music (using the norns and in general) has also changed quite a bit. when i was working on and composing/jamming with traffic (i don’t know why i gave it a name, it’s basically a slightly tweaked loom. embarrassing to describe as if its its own thing), softcut wasn’t a standalone part of norns, it was just another super collider engine like the rest of the scripts. standalone softcut is much better, but when it was added, it reduced the amount of resources available to supercollider. this went unnoticed for the vast majority of SC engines, but it did reduce the maximum voice count in Molly the Poly, which loom and traffic use, from 16 to 10.

this wasn’t like really noticeable to me consciously, but on the new version i found i was having a much harder time getting into sequences i felt were “worth recording” and it gradually fell out of rotation for me. something about the long release times 16 voices allowed must have really made the app for me, who knew? at some point after that i lost interest in this kind of trad harmony for myself and started work on a script to compose using harmonic/subharmonic series and paying more deliberate attention to the beating and/or lack of between frequencies, but that’s another post!

i only use maiden to write code now. i barely recognize the version of myself that had the time and energy to learn lua, learn git, learn vim, learn to sideload an ipad app to ssh into norns and run vim off my ipad, and also have ideas i wanted badly enough to make them real. it trips me out that i did all of that! i don’t know if i want to get back to that level again, but i hope i will find the time to do slightly more soon.


anyway in the spirit of the thread, i’ll reshare my dumb little teenage engineering ob-4 inspired script from the depths of my post history here. when running, it keeps a constant buffer of all audio that’s passed through the input. the idea being you could jam and then if you played somehting you liked, rewind that and record it.

i still use this all the time because of a setting i put in that increases buffer duration by turning down the sample rate of softcut. the weird artifacts you can get out of this+my analog heat are super fun.


this is literally the current tasks left on my own personal to-do list for the time being. it gave me this assurance that at least someone else at one point wanted to do the same.
while im still just in the beginning phases of toying with lua through crow, and really getting a grasp for what the current library of scripts can already accomplish, meaning its gonna still be a while before i try to publish a script, i just find it kind of relieving when i see a new script pop up that happened to be nearly identical to an idea i had barely started working on, but its now already complete and all the work i had planned has already been done. the downside is im starting to wonder if i really am just better off testing chunks of code in a live environment while others are successfully throwing out new and completed scripts on what seems to be a near daily basis now. thats mainly why i havent felt the need to even join conversations and only recently even made an account here, but i remember when the “halls of the library” were quiet and things were just starting to show signs of true organization.

i’ll cut the long windedness by just saying i dont know what to help now or what i should be learning and focusing my efforts on. i just wanna contribute somehow so we can all make cool harmonized fart noises on a tiny box together and not feel like im just freeloading off all the great ideas and not providing any of my own because im not good enough at it yet to even remotely keep up.

sorry for taking it even further off topic, i dont have anything worthwhile to share script wise


Since my padkontrol is dead, I will not continue any work on this project. I think I got it to scratch a sample using the xy pad, but it was not precise and did not always work or something. Abbandoned working on this month ago. Maybe someone wants to pick it up. It is a mess though, as I am still feeling my way arround norns. It comes with complete local git history etc, just zipped the project folder. (83.1 KB)

This video shows my first babysteps I did with the code:


reflecting on the fact that I’ve been working nearly part-time on norns dev for the past year now, and still only have one script “finished”, I can relate to this ! maybe 50% of that time has been spent on features that weren’t strictly necessary for my own music.

there is most certainly no shortage of time, energy, imagination, experience, perseverance that goes into any one of these projects behind the scenes before they materialize out of seemingly nowhere, and not everyone has the excess in all of those categories in order to pull off a full caliber project. but MVP’s & prototypes can be surprisingly easy - especially when leveraging libraries like crow or supercollider or existing engines !

I’m determined to go all out on a few of the projects I have in the oven - but for others I’m excited about just letting them evolve slowly as small, sharp, focused prototypes.


i just found out clipper has a cv recording mode and have mixed feelings

since i didn’t have great need for the primary purpose i hadn’t really explored the app much…

maybe this can be a thread for apps with hidden or added features which might be obscured by the original name/purpose


@glia, there is a vague idea swimming around by brain that at some point features would be added to the clipper script to enable the script’s cv player to visualize and sequence recorded cv in a way that is similar to how sampled recordings can currently be visualized and sequenced in the script.

also, i hadn’t widely publicized the existence of this feature in clipper because it is still in a dev branch.


hey btw sorry if i sounded salty or as if i blamed you for missing the info

it was definitely frustration with myself for not noticing and nothing more

honestly it’s a beautiful surprise to discover extra perks like this


thanks @glia. i don’t know why but your comment about mixed emotions did throw me for a loop…more like a micro loop really. please don’t feel badly.

believe it or not, lines is the first online forum i’ve ever posted to outside a work environment and i’m still figuring out how it all works, technically and in other ways.



This totally passed me by, got super excited and tried it the other day but can’t get it working yet :frowning: