Offworld-1: USB power utility

ah, wishful thinking. I actually have offworld-1 mounted in a pretty convenient spot for swapping so not a huge deal

the cool thing with intellijel case is you can use the usb tile to power the offworld.

o neat!

(tagent) I currently have a surge protector mounted underneath the board which has one of the iphone outlet plug -> usb adapters. I’m planning on updating that to a two usb port version, as I’ve run out of room to power norns as well (and I’m working on an auxillary board with norns/keyboard/grid and nanokontrol faders to use with the modular/pedal system) will share in the standalone instruments thread once I get it all figured out and wired up.

soldered pcbs in stock.

these no longer include the plexi covers. price lowered.


Thanks for making these available again. I did the y-splitter thing, but it’s nice to have both options!

Thanks @tehn and @bpcmusic!


I would love a modded offworld with male usb-c on one end and female Micro USB for power and female standard usb for data on the other end. To be able to plug in external midi controllers to my OP-Z while charging… would this be an easy breadboard build? it’s all about signal routing, am I right?

one problem will be finding any form of usb-c connector that can be easily breadboarded; most are SMD, and the few that are through-hole aren’t breadboard friendly. there are small usb-c “modules” that exist, where someone has broken then out to breadboard/perfboard-size pins. I’d recommend just making a custom board.

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I’m not sure a breadboardable USB-C connector exists. USB A/B connectors are 5 pins, USB-C is 24 pins. There’s also extra circuitry inside USB-C cables (e-marked cables) which needs corresponding components on the host side for compatibility.

You might be better off trying to find a commercial power splitter + adapters.

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yeah. did some research now as well. not sure if I want to climb down the USB-C compability rabbit hole. I guess I’ll keep searching for a lean splitter.

Something like this would be prefect. But it looks like they gave up on the usbC rabbit hole as well.

I’m having a hard time getting one of these up and running. I’ve soldered up all three boards that came in my order and am having a consistent issue: the Grid will receive power through the Offworld, but the grid will not get recognized by any of my devices (computer, teletype, ansible). I’ve tested with a variety of cables, all of which I can get to work when plugging the Grid straight into a device.

My question now is whether I’m misinterpreting the Offworld board itself. On the board, I can see the dark lines running from the USB A jack to one of the USB mini jacks (the “bottom” jack in my photo). I thought this would mean that the jack would be powering the Grid. However, the grid only receives power from the jack with no visible lines running to the USB A jack. Am I correct in that the USB A goes to the power source, the “top” jack goes to the grid, and the “bottom” jack goes to the teletype?

The USB-A jack goes to Grid.

The top USB-mini goes to power, the bottom USB-Mini (data) goes to Teletype/computer/etc…


Well I feel like a real dummy! I hadn’t even considered that configuration. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

It appears that this is available again @tehn

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Was looking for this solution and found I had the Beatstep ground loop adapter lying around and it worked perfect. They do seem to sell it separately for a very reasonable price (along with TRS>MIDI adapters):