Ogilgulo - Tunnelwater

Hello all,

Today I released an album called ogilgulo and I thought that I would take a moment to post about it here on Lines because most of the tracks feature a Zoia patch that started out as an attempt to reproduce the Norns script Compass.

I have been intrigued by Norns since it first came to my attention, but I will admit that my lack of experience in coding and poor computer literacy has put me off taking the plunge and getting one. That being said, I have been consistently blown away by the imagination, diversity and creativity of the scripts and the music I have heard being created with them.

A few months ago I was browsing through Lines, opened the thread on Compass, watched the opening video and had the idea to try and create something similar on my Zoia. I read the manual and spent a day or so coming up with something. Whether through my own limitations or through the limitations of the device, I ended up with something that didn’t quite hit the mark, but was still very different to anything that I had previously tried to make, and most importantly still inspired me to make music.

The album is free or pay what you like and I hope that some of you enjoy it. Although I don’t post very much, I visit Lines every day and always find inspiration here. It was participating in my first Disquiet Junto at the start of 2019 that gave me the push to start working more seriously on this area of my musical life and for that and everything else I am very grateful to this community!