Oh shit...just won an aleph auction!

I honestly was not expecting to win this auction, but I did. I don’t know what the hell aleph’s are all about! Where should I start with this thing when it arrives?

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what do you wanna do with it?

Well glia…that is the question…I’m no programer. My rig right now rely’s heavily on my macbook. I don’t think I will abandon the computer anytime soon. I love using remix with vocals especially with getting Virta this week.

I could see implementing the aleph with the lap steel I play and I have a noise box drone with C/V capabilities arriving this week. The beat step pro perhaps could play well with it.

I’m just ignorant to what the aleph is used for/can do at this point so I will start studying all the info that is available now.
I just hope I can borrow from all the smarter people who have devoted their brain power to the Aleph already.


if i can help i will…but i fall in the “claiming-not-to-be-smart” camp of aleph users

for me it usually ends up being a flexible delay/mixer/reverb

i really need to sort out the midi and cv stuff to get more value out the beast

it can do so much

Thanks. I will take the approach of patience with it. It sounds like something a person has to develop a relationship with. I can dig that.

Monome has taught me that breakthroughs come with time. As long as I’m still alive I can learn now things and expand my “musical i.q.”…which is grand because I am not a natural when it comes to being a musician.:grin:

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It took a lot of will power not bid on that it was going so cheap! Glad it ended up in a community members hands though

It did go for much less then I was expecting.

I can only guess it’s because the seller has zero feedback. I do hope it is all legit. I usually shy away from zero feedback sellers and I didn’t notice that fact until after the auction ended.

I don’t have a bad feeling about it at all though.

Do you play an aleph?

Edit: Although I did message the seller and haven’t heard back so I’m getting a little nervous.

dang I thought you got bugaev’s unit

just looked on ebay and I’m shocked…crazy crazy deal and I hope everything pans out with the seller!

fingers crossed!

I remember you saying you aren’t a fan of oscillators in the podcast interview. Do you not use the alephs’ oscillating capabilities?

i rarely use aleph for traditional osc duty (every tape i made last year and nearly every jam session included aleph somehow in the signal path…this was the only time i recall using aleph as a pair of oscillators)

so i don’t really hate oscillators but am so enthralled by the alternative methods of tone generation that i ignore most analog oscillator modules. having been designed for use in a traditional synthesis setup, they seem redundant and unnecessary for the way i work. i don’t need voltage control or pitch tracking etc

i’d rather deal with raw sound and shape it into something useful

the more i read and listen and play, the more i realize that samples can be squashed into “granular” conc oscillation, filters can be bullied to mimic bells, and feedback can be polished into shimmering tones that serve my musical purposes

my statement in the podcast is true cause if i use a regular osc i’d rather mess with software or some cheap old pedal/ digital rack module than a eurorack thing


Well there’s a good chance I’m not getting the aleph, i think. I’ve sent the seller three messages since Friday and have not heard back at all. My guess is he/she is pissed that it sold for the price it did and just wants to disappear.

I just hope my cash comes back easily if that’s the case. dammit.

Hey that’s my Aleph ! Nice to see it travelling !
Don’t worry, bugaev was super correct when buying it to me, i guess he will be as well as a seller.

not sure this is the aleph of @bugaev_ as i’m shipping his directly to someone in alaska. the ebay listing was for valencia, ca.

sub $500, ack, that’s absurd. i could use a backup unit myself.


How can you tell it’s the same aleph?
I will be opening a case with eBay presently as still no word from the seller. Bum Bum.


not to step in but i think there’s some crossed wires…if i understand properly, CF sold to Bugaev last year but his transaction is completely unrelated to your auction

pure coincidence that nikita was selling his on the forum at the same time (which is why i mistakenly thought you got his)


I can’t open a case till the 9th. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised and the aleph will ship. I strongly doubt it at this point. The old “too good to be true” adage.

Yeah i sold mine to @bugaev_ last year, that’s why it was the same.

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Might want to read @glia’s post above. Two different alephs. (or perhaps one actual aleph and one imaginary one, hope not!)

Fingers crossed for you @jasper_ryder

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Ok i got it.
Good luck !

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Definitely looks like it sold for way less than the buyer expected and they are backing out. It’s a bummer but it makes sense. A case of too good indeed.