oivok / pre-so / new bc profile / need help

hi there,

it’s been a while since my last bc upload and i’m excited to share 2 things with y’all. one is quite old and the other is yet another collaboration w amazing @glia

the old one was recorded in 2015 and i’ve been missing it a lot because i’ve lost the files in early 2016. i still like this collection even tho i’m not into re-visiting/re-listening my own tunes. i re-stored the original tracks. no editing here.

the toolset back then was: op1 + max patcher. i recall that recording session was really short and i finished these tunes in 15-20 mins.

it’s called “pre-so”

the new one is a collab with glia. i’ve sent him the kaivo patch and in a few days he returned to me with the tune that felt finished. anyway… i’ve added one layer and it took less than 10 minutes to finish the piece. the artwork is by amazing alena koleso and i highly recommend checking out her works.

it’s called “oivok”.

as always any feedback / support is appreciated

love y’all



i didn’t explain in detail but i fed the looping kaivo part into virta too and used audio from both :slight_smile: very fun session


hi there

just a quick reminder that any support will be appreciated!

ps. my new album is out via klammklang



Really enjoying „pre-so“ right now and was wondering what the „max patcher“ was.
In the sense of only sound manipulation or was it also used for sound generation?

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its an asynchronous looper with a simple set of effects. one of the main features was built around randomized start/end points of the loop.

im working on updated version atm and might share it in the future


hello all. here’s one more thing i made with @glia

the toolset is simple / an edited version of grain25 by sako and aaltoverb 2 /

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I bought all three, your music is sweet and inspirational and I like it very much, sorry to hear about your family situation in Ukraine and I hope my little contribution can help


thank you so much! glad you like the tunes. it means a lot to me!

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