Ok, I said I made something really weird, now let me explain for real

I was told that I should make some transformations to the mix to make it more resonant. That’s good counsel, but unfortunately the music that was produced from this project is perfect, it just needs a bit of framing.

I compiled what I call a “hauntephagy” of my pre-transition self mainly through examining the last decade of my computer history as a personal archive.

This word contains:

  • Ontology
  • Autophagy
  • Effegy
  • Hauntology

Among other associations you brought to the table.

Using automatic writing and pataphysical taxonomization, I collect:

  • Academic writing
  • Personal ditties
  • Text messages
  • Autogenerated prose
  • A movie before it was edited
  • Several collections of recorded media
  • Writing from friends
  • Stolen philosophy and poetry

And connect it with a type of automagic writing.

Start with the foreward and dilate the pupil until you can smell what I’m laying down. This is a release, just not one you’ve seen before.

One love!