OK200 Degree i2c

Hey lines,

Scott from OK200 and I have been having talks on bring the Degree eurorack controller into the monome i2c ecosystem. The controller has i2c headers on the back, but does anyone have some resources on where to start to get these devices talking to each other? Claim an address and define the data/info to be sent (pitch, pitch bend, gate, ratchet, loop start trig, loop end trig)?

My personal interest would be to sequence my just friends / er-301 without running half a dozen patch cables. It could also be cool to run crow as a follower and use it as a quad oscillator with the degree. Anyway… any support would be great? I’m down to mod some firmware/write some ugly code, just haven’t been able to locate any documentation on how to integrate new devices I to the ecosystem.


That sounds useful and that module looks fantastic. I wish it wasn’t $$$ 🙇🏻‍♂️

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Yeah that’s a good start. Here’s the canonical list of reserved addresses. I’d start by doing a PR against it and then maybe looking at an example from Crow.

It’s definitely a chunk of change, but it’s a lot of custom parts and custom engineered hardware. So understandable.

are you planning to add actual ops or do you just want to integrate it with teletype? if the latter, you don’t really need to reserve an address, you could just pick whatever is free, and you could use the generic i2c ops to communicate with it.

if you want to use it with jf/er-301 you could just look at what teletype/ansible do and replicate the same functionality. this link should also help: II protocol · scanner-darkly/teletype Wiki · GitHub

Yeah I was in no way saying the price wasn’t justified… just wishing I could justify paying it.

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