Okay ill ask, someone wants to diy/code the 2 little boards?

I would have so much use for these but i am not at all tech savey enough.
So after being told by a mod its fine to make such a request here i thought i give it a chance. Maybe more ppl would want these…

A prgrammable midi usb HOST in mini format, comes with midi software loaded. I think its an easy task but what do i know

Probably known

The wav trigger. Theres a new version with midi prepared opto isolator and 8 outs but seems overdose. I would simply need midi, preferable usb type.

This could be a cheap and nice way to have some multisamples ready. I do miss my organ patches and mellotron that i had in the blofeld.

Just throwing this out here…maybe someone bites :slight_smile:

Something slightly different to consider, and perhaps even cheaper/easier:

Teensy with Audio Adaptor Board. USB MIDI is built in with the Teensy, so it’d be pretty easy to get a midi note to trigger an event - like an audio sample

Once you have that you can use a web-based GUI app to write an audio program - like a little sampler.

Tutorial video

A basic project I found googling around on this

And here’s a good blog post about making a sample player

If you’re thinking Euro, this is essentially the Music Thing Modular Radio Music - Teensy + SDcard using the internal DAC + a few op amps to handle CV inputs and audio output


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