Old grid 256 vs. New 128

Hi everyone!

I just bought a norns shield and I can’t wait to dig in when I receive it this week! I would like to also get a grid, but I am not sure which one.

I could get a used grid 256, with row 13 not working, or wait until late may for the new grid 128 on the monome website. They are about the same price.

I am not sure which one to get because I have never used monome gear before. In particular, it seems like most scripts are made for the 128, so my main question is whether they will seamlessly work on the 256 too?

Also, the monome website mentions that the new grid 128 will have some new features. Does anyone know about them?

Lastly, how likely are the extra buttons on the 256 to actually come into use? Are they just marginally useful, or do they truly unlock new potential?

In summary: which one would you suggest getting? The used 256 or the new 128? And why?

Sorry if this is a stupid question or if I should have asked it elsewhere, this is my first post on the forum and I am discovering. It seems like a brilliant community to be part of, so I’m really keen!

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I would recommend to wait for the 128. I own both but most of the time I use the 128 since it is the most common grid I guess and most apps are written for it. You’ll have way less struggle with everything. I say this as I know nothing about Max or Lua programming, but deeply love the grid as my main instrument (with norns or via M4L and Ableton). If you’re good in programming you will love the 256 for what it is. If you are not I’d say go with the 128.


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i believe there have been some changes to make manufacturing more efficient - but there will be no new features.


i had both for a bit (varibright most recent 256) and really preferred the 128. it was very cool using stretta’s live patch for daedelus and the monome sum stuff but was pretty buggy and would lock up constantly when used with norns. would pass on it if a whole row on the 256 doesn’t work as well.

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Thanks everyone! The replies seem kinda unanimous. I can actually code pretty well, but since it’s basically my day job I intend to stay away from it and focus on making music with all the great scripts that exist already. So I think I’ll go for the 128.

Do you know if I should expect them to all be sold within minutes when they come out, as can be the case with some crazy guitar pedals?

I suggest you to push the “notify me” button under the Grid Monome shop page.

PS: I know you probably already decided, but take also my 2 cents, go with a 128, all life :wink:


Well I love my 256, mainly using it for different kinds of sequencing and clip launching (M4l). Specifically got one instead of a 128. But mine is fully functional and with VB.


Hi may I ask what is that stretta’s live patch for daedelus? I love daedelus’s way of using mlr and some controller on 64 grid, just searching for that patch