Old lab oscillators - Use with Eurorack?


I’ve recently acquired an old oscillator, it looks like this:

I want to use it alongside my Eurorack gear, but am a bit scared of plugging it into my beloved system.

Has anyone done this? Any tips? Any way to check the output before plugging it in?


I could be wrong, but it looks like it’ll be pretty quiet? If the knobs give you a scale and then a multiplier for the amplitude, you’re looking at a max of 5Vpp


I found this info http://www.richardsradios.co.uk/venner.html.
Is this one battery driven too ?

If the min frequency is 10Hz it would be pretty fast to use as an LFO.

Can you hook it up to a scope? A multimeter might work ok too (setting output to 1V and the multiplier to 2.5, then setting it to square output will give you a good indication of what the min and max voltage output is).

As @alanza said, from the look of the front panel it doesn’t look like it is capable of putting out voltages that will damage your modules.

Most importantly; it looks absolutely fantastic… which is of course the most important thing!


@Ithacus Yeah, totally “wide range”… not too low tho! I was hoping to tune the sine wave to whatever I’m doing, and pop it through a vca to bleep along in time.

@Klangtueftler You beautiful human! thanks for finding this. yes, battery driven but seems to be the old battery size for 9v. Not sure if to buy some old batteries, or solder on new contacts for modern 9v - should be the same output, right?

@alanza Yes, should be pretty easy to start turning it up and see what happens…

Thanks for your help everyone! I’ll keep you posted and try and do a video.

I was kind of inspired by this to get an old osc:

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New 9V contacts should work, yes. Just check that old batteries were still intact and did not leak - if it came with batteries.
I love these old devices a lot, reminds me of my first steps in electronics nearly 50 years ago.

Have fun with it ! :sunglasses:

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Looks beautiful! I’m a little jealous. I’ve wanted some vintage oscillators like this since I saw Panasonic live in '99 and saw all of their crazy custom boxes. Can’t wait to hear what you do with it!

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video here:


That sounds really cool!!

YES! It totally works! It’s one of the low drones in this patch. Thanks everyone!


That was ace! Sounds lush.

does it accept cv tuning or simply manual dial in?

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Nope! No inputs at all, just a big knob.

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Sounds great. Glad you are making use of it.

Said it before and I’ll say it again… it looks fantastic!