Old monome.org interviews gone?

I hadn’t really checked since the old page got retired, but looks like all the old interviews are gone (and direct links 404).


still migrating them, and in the meantime must fix the css so this renders correctly:


Ah that’s good. Didn’t know if they were just getting left behind with the old site.

I had just added a link to my interview in my thesis and realized it pointed nowhere. (Currently writing up my phd thesis, and building it as a webpage, so it’s going to be dynamic/interactive/etc…)

ah! will get it fixed for you, many apologies for the delay.

fixed the css.


Sweet thanks. These will live in the archive.monome.org from now on?

i’ll eventually get them moved over to the main site, but it’s not super high on the priority list sadly.

I guess I meant if the archive version of the link will be working for a while.

oh yes-- i’ll be leaving that up likely until the end of the year.