Old Monomeserial and M4L apps

Hi all!

I’m looking for some old Monomeserial apps that I can’t find nowhere : Stretta M4L suite essentially, but also dj256, a version of quadrants working in M4L with monomeserial and boiinngg M4L.

I’ve just bought an used walnut 256 from 2008 to go along with my 40h. Through the years, I’ve kept Monomeserial instead of Serialosc, because it’s way more reliable and stable on my OS (Windows). Monomeserial apps are now just a pain to find! I’ve searched through collected-ms on Github and on the old forum, but no luck!

If someone got a backup of old Monomeserial apps and M4l patches, I would be very grateful!


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Everything is linked from here:

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Thanks for your answer.
I’ve already looked through that place and I can’t find what I’m looking for…
No links to monomeserial dj256 for max, neither to stretta M4L suite, M4L boiingg or a monomeserial version of quadrants in M4L (found a serialosc version though).

Please add them to the wiki when you find them with the caveat that we do prefer the serialosc version if one is available.

Yep, will do.
Hope someone has got a backup from Monomeserial days…

@Tohubohu did some digging:

monomeserialm4l.zip (1.7 MB)

no dj256 though


Here’s an M4L boiingg. It’s serialosc though.
boiingg.amxd (500.9 KB)

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@ithkaa @jasper_ryder Brilliant! Thank you both very much! You made my day.

I’ve found, with a bit of more searching, dj256 and a M4L bunch of Serialosc patches. As a new user, I can’t upload anything though! If someone is interested, just message me…

I don’t know how to add patches to the github wiki. Can somebody upload those files for conservating them?


Boiing MonomeSerial :

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@trppng Thanks!
I had found that one. It’s a little buggy though, using Monomeserial on a 256.

Thanks everyone for the help!

I’m just mailing you what I’ve found, M4L Monomeserial and Serialosc great patches, to make them appear on the Github Wiki, thanks to your help.

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I found Stretta’s M4L Suite on an old disk:

I’m also new so can’t upload attachments. I’ll leave it in dropbox for a while, but could you please move it into collected if you think it’s useful?



Give me a bit of time to make sure everything works before taking it down? I’ll let you know.

Yep, no problem at all!

@jasonw22 Actually I have a small collection of 2008 era stuff I don’t see in collected. I’ve uploaded that too in case it’s interesting / useful. Could you take a quick look and copy it if you want to keep anything for collected? I’ll leave it in DropBox for a while anyway.

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Will do, thanks!..

No probs!..

Thank you very much! Your help is really appreciated!
Will test also if everything is working for me.

You’re welcome!..