Old non-varibright grids

Hah, thanks. My eyesight is clearly worse than I thought.

Awesome, thanks! Just to confirm, would this work fine on a non vari-bright model?

yep! i had a non-vari 256 for a bit and can say it definitely works. ui wise, you do lose the “dimmed trails” behind the… trigger things(?). not sure what to call them. otherwise it works a charm!

this library is a little too niche for it’s own thread, but maybe worth sharing here:

basically a little utility to add to scripts to (globally) tweak the brightness levels a bit if there’s room to optimize for legacy grids. the readme is hopefully informative enough for non-programmers


I’m not familiar enough with Lua or the Norns scripts to understand how to make use of this yet, but I am sure this will come in handy. Thank you!

Hey! New Norns (Shield) user here. Loving it this far! I’m in the process of getting a grid, and found a 2010:ish mono-bright 128 grid (monome stamp on the back, rubber noodles, bus powered) at a pretty good price.

Is it worth getting and useful enough, or should I try to find a varibright one instead? I’ve read that a lot of scripts use the varying LED brightness, and I don’t want to miss out on functionality. Will probably just be using it with the Norns.


Hi everyone,

I have the OG 40h and I’m hoping to get some insights: I don’t really use it anymore and wondering if it’s obsolete or worth messing with? Would it make more sense to try and sell then save for a newer model? Any and all feedback welcomed. Thanks y’all :pray:t5:


40h works fine for me on norns etc


Very helpful thanks!

As another person with an OG 40h just getting back into things, this thread really helped me. I’m overwhelmed by how much has changed – for good, but also in ways that break my brain and are hard to catch up on (my outdated knowledge is interfering). I’ve got partyvan and sequencer running again but am hoping to move toward hardware now that this ecosystem is so built out. norns is enticing, but does 40h grid also work with ansible?

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Wish my old 40h could could be set up to work on Big Sur. It hardly had any use and now seems impossible to integrate with anything. Is there anything like a new monomeserial or serialosc app that works on Big Sur?

What do you want it to do?

Serialosc works on Big Sur!

I’d like to control visibility of folders in Reaper. I had it working with monomeserial and osculator a long time ago, then MacOS somehow killed monomeserial and I had a huge headache installing and removing FTDI drivers and it stopped working. Ideally just a simple app that allows me to assign a shortcut to be sent to reaper would be the best!

UPDATE I just installed serialosc again and was amazed to see the terminal command return visibility of the device. Digging out Osculator again now…

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Do you have Max? If not you can install it to open patches (just not save edits)

This is a simple patch I have made. Bottom row changes midi channel, the other buttons sends midi notes that you should be able to map to whatever you want. The midi port is called “from Max 1”


Thanks very much Kristoffer! I downloaded the latest Max and was able to get the patch working. The thing that’s really great is that I can light all the lights using the grid on the right (I thought a whole row was broken previously but guess I was using a strange patch). Thank you so much for that. The thing I suppose I’d have to do before making my own mappings is purchase Max and have it running the whole time. Unless there were a way to just assign a sequence of aribitrary OSC messages and listen to them in Reaper. Does that sound right?

I am not that familiar with Reaper (just started using it to work with polywav files), but if you can do midi learn you can just the patch as it is. If you need to send spesific OSC messages to match a preset system you could either modify the patch or if you already own Osculator you can use that to convert the midinotes out of max to oscmessages if this is something you are anyways already comfortable with.

If you at some point want help customizing the Maxpatch feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Thanks Kristoffer. Actually, just to have the MIDI channel change buttons at the top of the grid would be awesome… because of the cable and location of my device, it would be much more practical in my use-case. I’m sure I can choose a suitable channel and have Reaper translate the message after that. If it’s not too much trouble to modify I’d be most grateful!

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You can change the rotation of the Grid :slight_smile:

In /Users/(you)/Library/Preferences/org.monome.serialosc/ there should be a file with the serial number. Change rotation in that file.

If you are not experienced with editing files like this you can:

  • Copy the file to your desktop
  • Change .conf to .txt
  • Open in textedit
  • Change rotation = 0, 90, 180 or 270
  • Save
  • Change back to .conf
  • Do a cmd + i and double check that it is actually .conf and not .conf.txt
  • Move it back
  • Monome out and in again.

If it doesn’t work try doing it again. I have experienced this once. But when it works it works every time.

Thanks again Kristoffer! There were actually two files here - m64_0337.conf and m64-0337.conf (this one was from 2020). Perhaps this is why I had so many problems a couple of years ago. Not sure whether the underscore vs hyphen was a change I made or the app made. I don’t remember seeing these files. Either way, rotation is done and I’m mapping visibility of orchestral sections etc in Reaper now. In conjunction with orchestraltemplateforreaper.com it works fantastically. My muscle memory will get used to what does what. Cheers!

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