Old school Monome 256, playing catchup!

wow I’m totally lost as to what is happening here!
I went on a hiatus for a few years of travel, intense work, and generally no time to make music - only to come here and find that things have changed drastically for my poor old monome…

first i have since switched to OS X, so i got my head around getting things done in mac rather than PC, but then i got to the part where i need to load the loads of apps that were once available only to find that we’re reduced now to a handful - and the rest is called obsolete…
when did this all happen? is there currently a shift away from monome and into modular?

anyone finding these obsolete programs working? or are they completely out of whack?
finally… integration with ableton (or max for live)… is it possible in max 7 ?

i’d like to hear from old school monome users who kept up with all these changes (and maybe lived through it one step at a time) rather than finding too much info to try and digest in… how is it going for you at the moment??

I’m trying to take all this in but don’t know where to start! at least i got the device working :slight_smile:

simple things like selecting how my device is facing in polygome, i can’t even seem to do that at the moment… wasn’t there a way to tell the system where the device is plugged and how its facing?

I’m fond of the Monome Home app for configuring things like rotation/orientation.

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thanks! that solved one thing :slight_smile:

Problem is that Max, Java, and serialosc versions have moved on, while old apps haven’t necessary been maintained by their various authors in order to keep pace.

https://github.com/monome-community contains apps known to work, with the exception of ‘collected’ and ‘collected-ms’, which are holding areas for apps that still need testing.

This is where that testing is being tracked:

If there are specific apps you want to use that no longer seem to work, please do bring them to our attention.

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I’ve been living thru the shift/growth and wish I could be of help
problem is I always had a mac for my monomes

also never had a proper grasp of max-osc integration to offer advice back then (let alone now)

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HHi Jason

You’ve been super helpful - went through everything now and there’s far more there than what I need - so all is good !

Now how is monome at the moment integrating with ableton this is the only part missing in the puzzle for me (at least on Mac) I know how I did that on PC

Perhaps glia can shed some light?

Thank you both

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You probably want to look at terms and el-quinto’s maxforlive suite as well as re:mix, which is an mlr for Live.

i’m one of the few who dont have ableton

search is better than it used to be (imo) i’m sure you’ll find some tips on here