Old Things Hype Megathread

Oh yeah, like I said, it’s just a tempting idea. We found a nice spot for it with some house plants on our bookshelf.

My dad loved the PSS-480 when I was growing up; he went through at least five of them. It was my first introduction to synths and also sparked my love of the FM sound (along with the Sega Genesis). He passed away recently, so I inherited a few semi-functional 480’s. I’m hoping I can combine them into a single, fully functional unit.


thanks! I was so stoked that day I drove around playing that thing through my jeep’s speakers hahaha



Not mine, but VEIMA auction ends today


This all i got.
Capo was on my Dads guitar 50 years ago i still use it.
Watch was my Unkle Berties for 45 years service British Rail Eastern Region.
I’m teetotal so corkscrew doesn’t get any action.
The phone was quite good in its day ha.
Edit: no c in Unkle doh.


it’s crazy how quality tools can be found for cheap 2nd hand, if you don’t mind cleaning them and servicing them.

2 examples here, w/ grid for scale.

sewing machine

there are literally gazillions of high quality sewing machines flooding the 2nd hand market. supply & demand…


this thing is hefty. looks & feels indestructible.


Recreated versions of Luigi Russollo’s Intonarumori played by Nick Hallett at Performa Archive event the other night.


Strong nostalgia moment there. My father worked for them for many years, so my childhood seemed to involve churning out sticky text labels for anything and everything that needed them and a good many more that didn’t.

The metal ones were particularly satisfying, though sadly I only have some later all-plastic machines now.


Old into new, a true genius at work here:


Got to love an effects pedal with a LIQUID METAL setting!

I’m slowly collecting a set of Alesis ModFX pedals - BITRMAN was my first and it is such a fun bit crusher/lofi processor

The side of each pedal has a plug/socket like an RS232 port so you can chain the pedals and it passes audio internally (all 28bit 48kHz) - only the first pedals inputs work when chained but all outputs still work…

There’s some info on the ModFX series here with audio example using Faze and Smashup pedals as a rhythm generator…


I didn’t know this - and this shouldn’t feel so mind-blowing but it does. :slight_smile:


One frustrating thing about these ModFX pedals is that they require a 9v AC power supply.

I have an Ampliton (stereo tremolo/autopan) that I’d love to use on the go, but there appears to be no feasible way to convert a powerbank’s DC output to 9v AC.


Alesis should make their own multi-output 9V AC power brick. I think every piece of Alesis gear I’ve ever owned, dating back to an '88 Midiverb II, was powered off 9V AC, and I can’t think of any other gear that those wall warts were compatible with. They could call it the Alesis More…


They are big chunky wall warts too… It’s a shame the interconnection function doesn’t also carry power (but I guess that would be difficult to manage/limit max current)

AC-AC adapters are simply step-down transformers in an enclosure. They’re indeed heavy!


Maybe someone should make sort of a box like those Serge panel power supplies, with a single large 9VAC transformer and N outputs for Alesis devices with removable cables. More “expensive” than “difficult” though, I guess the problem is that there aren’t a lot of people with a large collection of cheap Alesis boxes and prepared to pay more than a couple of those boxes cost for a convenience PSU.

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are there any patches you like to use? I ask because given the good reputation of those boxes I bought Alesis Akira I found for peanuts, but just going through presets I wasn’t that mind blown. But maybe I should have dug deeper

I’ve never used an Akira… & there are no presets with the modFX, so hard to reccomend anything. But I bought a Quadraverb ages ago purely for its MIDI controllable resonator patch (vid here), is that on the Akira?
I’ve had the BITRMAN for ages & love it (more than OTO Biscuit plugin or Frostwave Sonic Alien pedal) mainly mangling a modified CR8000 into Alva Noto territory. The METAVOX I got a little while ago but the others I only just got & none of them came with psu, so thats todays shopping… That Sweetwater article had an example I’ll try using the FAZE near self oscillation, with pattern mod > SMASHUP, is that something you can try on the Akira?

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i too have an akira, which is a rack version of the ineko.

apparently both unit use the same architecture as the modfx pedal but don’t have as many controls for each presets. also if we find back some presets (like the decimator one from the birtman), a lot of them are missing.

maybe that’s a compromise to have all the different effects fit in a single ROM, idk.

the dream would be to import a full fledged modfx rom into the akira w/ all controls addressable w/ midi.

EDIT: also, what got me to grab one is its distinctive filter sounds, as used by Etienne de Crecy in his Beats’n’Cubes era.

(the whole rundown of the live setup is worth a watch, also featuring his glorious 303 / biscuit combo signature sound).