Old walnut grid and max 7-nil LED feedback?

hey all, have tried again to download max 7 and opened the package manager and seem to have the same issues which i don’t seem to have with other versions of Max? That is there is no LED feedback on my walnut 256 at all when using patches ? I have no issues with Max 5 or 6? Any idea whats going on?

can you specify which patches?

Hey tehn, yes, sorry. It’s all the grid specific patches with the package manager when installing and using Max7 when I open ‘package manager’ within the menu options.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and same situation. No Lights on grid buttons. Max 5 and 6 are all good with other patches I use

is the device detected in the dropdown?

In max 6 yes, but i thought max 7 was automatic grid detection? My grid shows up yes. Any patches opened vie the menus in max 7 are fine, it is only the apps in the ‘open package manager’ section?