OM-1 analogue cassette synth

This looks really nice, I like the cv sequencing. Some cool sounds could be teased out of this.


Really curious about this. Trying to get away from a bunch of small one off machines personally… but it looks like a ton of fun though… :smiley:

Nice idea.
It would be pretty cool if you could link a number of the cassette players to one controller and have numerous sounds going.

woof. preordered.

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if you’re already a citizen of euro-land, i’d recommend this lovely alternative:

BYO sequencer, envelopes, etc.

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wow that’s an odd one. very cool, thanks for the linkl!
Have you had any first had experience with it?

i have not. i’ve considered getting one (or building a kit) but i have concerns about the mechanical longevity of a walkman.

haha yea definitely. I used to run my audio through my echoplex , and record just the echo stream, and then fiddle with the delay time to warble the sound.
Since the main audio out is delayed, it’s confusing to play a keyboard and hear the change afterwords so performance wise it doesn’t make too much sense. I guess I could have monitored the pre-echo sound like a DJ cue… but I never did.

Still, It’s an interesting effect and the tape saturation is also something to play with.

Haven’t used it, someone posted it on another forum I frequent.

Onde Magnetique (@scttcmpbll) is taking preorders for a limited number of OM-1 tape synthesizers today. The next batch will be available at 2100 CDT. OM-1 Cassette Synthesizer — Onde Magnétique