Omsonic Thread

I have mentioned the drum modules and filter in previous threads but thought it was time for an Omsonic thread. New module looks really cool. STOCHASTIC: inspiration generator.

Stochastic is an Inspiration Generator ! Its a unique sequencer module that responds to your probabilistic musical direction but you don’t play ‘on’ it, you duet with it by starting with the fundamental musical atoms and controlling how likely different pitch, duration, octave and transition events will be using its controls.


Daaamn I love the idea of this, I mean, I currently set this kind of thing up in Ornament & Crime using dual quant with cv controlling octave movement and triggers going through branches/clock skipper in another O&C, the interface is very playable this way.

Yeah, this is pretty much exactly how I am often using my teletype, but with a dedicated tactile interface - looks great!

That’s brilliant! It looks very intuitive! Like others have already said it seems in principal pretty similar to some modes on O_C. With Teletype + 16n and enough expanders you could also achieve this style of sequencer. I had the thought recently that O_C could really use an expander with some pots, sliders, buttons etc. Like Telex for O_C


Very cool, typically the sort of things I do on Max/MSP or Teletype.
I’d add a function to “freeze” a sequence, though.

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Looks the run vs loop buttons?

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Oh, you must be right.

This looks really clever. I’m reminded of Marbles a bit, though coming in from a very different direction. Each has their strengths and I expect they’d combine in fun ways :slight_smile:

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For percussionheads out here the pixel dust and ouch are awesome. And he tells me there will be a bass drum module at some point too. Really tweakable retro drum sounds that I adore.

Been a while since anyone has posted in this thread, but I just saw this expander pop up on ModularGrid and thought a few of you would like to know about it:

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I’m excited to try it. It’s been coming soon for so long! I also think there’s a good Ansible app to be had along these lines.

Anyone know when the next batch of these will be available to order? Also, anyone have one that they have videos of? I’d love to see a bit more of it