OMX-27 - a DIY Mechanical-Key Keyboard/Sequencer

Also, @endurance - make sure that you download the whole Git repo, not just the firmware file - there’s still sometimes a problem with corruption in individual file downloads.

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Thanks for all of the help and advice! With some above-and-beyond assistance from @okyeron everything is working a-ok. I’m not sure exactly what the issue was, but after downloading the entire Github repo and using freshly DLed version of Teensy Loader, the firmware flashed just fine.
Thanks again everyone!


Hi is this the forum to ask about any questions or bugs found on OMX-27?

Yes you can ask questions here, but the discord is easier for support issues. I will DM you a link.

The OM Mode channel setting you mentioned is currently broken so yes - this is a bug.

Cool thx a link will be good. This sequencer is awesome! :slight_smile:

Got my kit on friday, and built everything during a couple of hours on saturday. Really a nice, well planned kit, and a very nice product in the end :slight_smile:


So I’m like 99.99% sure this will work, but before I do something that requires any desoldering, @okyeron, are you able to confirm if this is a drop in replacement for the OLED? I’m all about those yellow displays!!

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If the picture is accurate (for the pin order), then yes. :slight_smile:

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What are the physical dimensions of this?

12.32 in x 2.55 in (or 312.92 mm x 64.81 mm )

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Cool. Just picked one up from your shop.

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1.3.0 firmware update now available

Release OMX-27 1.3.0 · okyeron/OMX-27 · GitHub

There’s also a cheat-sheet in progress to help navigate modes, etc.

OMX-27/OMX27_CheatSheet.pdf at main · okyeron/OMX-27 · GitHub



Just notice this. Very cool. Checked your shop but the black knobs kit version was sold out. When do you think it will be back in stock?


I have some. Check back in a couple days. :grinning:


Is the project sold out again? I’m hoping to get a kit at some point soon.

Getting some parts in on Tuesday so they’ll be restocked this week :slight_smile:


Finally was able to snag one, so looking forward to this, thanks for making it a thing @okyeron.

I REALLY hope I don’t mess up the build tho :smiley:

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I messed it up and was able to recover. As I do with 90% of my builds!

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Glad to hear you got it all working in the end! Where did you mess up so I am better prepared?

I soldered in the keys BEFORE putting on the middle plate. So, I had to resolver all the keys to fix it. Sucked.

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