On High Mountains - History Wasn't Everything

Hi all. So this is my second release of music made with a modular synthesizer. The main change for this set of recordings is the method of sequencing. I am now sequencing with XOR Electronics Nerdseq which replaced O_C + Pamelas New Workout combo that I’d been using before. O_C + Pams was great for generative compositions and I dug the process, but I love trackers so the idea of using a tracker with a modular was something I couldn’t pass up. Trackers are super fast and flexible. I first got into them back in the LSDJ days and later the sample based LGPT (I put out stuff as 11hzRobot in those days).

With these recordings I’m continuing the focus on physical modeling voices in combination with guitar pedals to create the tone of the main elements. As for song structure I’m going for a balance of generative percussion and melodies along with predictable chord changes and simple bass parts. Overall it is minimal, simple music.

Thanks for listening.


I’ve really enjoyed the music shared on your instagram lately, so I’m quite excited for this. Listening now; the first track is deeply gorgeous.

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Right on! thanks for checking it out. I put the best one first so…could be down hill from there. Ha!

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