On Lemurian Highland - Horaflora / Scy1e

I am pleased to present an audio documentation of my time in the Siskiyou Lemurian Highlands, solo, all last month. Part artist retreat, part quarantine-away-from-quarantine, part experiment in immersed isolation.
There are 2 parts, each in the style of my separate guises:
Horaflora piece takes the raw sounds of my month, birds, bees, wild horses, and some electronic accompaniment, and brings them all into what I hope is a reasonably pleasing composition reminiscent of The Gland Canyon (to my ear anyways).
Scy1e treats the recordings as sample material and packs it all into a long, groovy, lush, meditation, suitable for biding time in your hammock in the heat of the day, I hope!

This was all able to happen because of Andy and Sarah at Oak Ring Ridge allowing me to stay up there solo while they packed their home in the Bay Area up to move up north permanently. A cassette edition will be made available to help build further structures up there for future residencies.



Sounds absolutely gorgeous – looking forward to picking this up and diving in.

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Special edition tape coming in a little bit, maybe hours, maybe days, but you might like to stave off if you are a collector!


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On Friday an edition of 10 cassettes will be released, containing the Horaflora piece ‘On Lemurian Highland’. The cases were made by my father for this occasion and he surprised me with them after I got back from my 30 day solo expedition, from which this work is derived. These will be priced at $20ea. If you already purchased a digital edition, I will refund you that amount after the sale. Thanks for your support, more news soon!!!


So beautiful! (The packaging and the music)


Now available on cassette