On Songwriting. Categories and/or Tags?

I believe there’s more than one or two of us here - beyond just me - that apply the term songwriter, loosely or not, to what they do.

Moderators, perhaps can / should we add a Songwriting category?

For all values of “songwriting” where has any type of vocals and, importantly, lyrics, accompanied by or in conjunction with any type of music is true.


I think mods are kind of (rightfully) trying not to add to much categories to keep things tidy. Do you really think there’s a necessity for a whole category dedicated to this ? Especially since it seems like it would cross a lot of different pre-existent categories (releases ? tech ? process ? review ?). For some clarity, could you make a small list of all the already existing threads you’d like to see considered as belonging in the “songwriting category” so that we could consider together as a community how to sort them out (maybe with a tag system of some sort, or a “songwriting thread” which could be this one, where we list them ?).

I should add that I feel concerned by this because I’m definitely in the traditional sense of “songwriting” for most of my work, but I don’t necessarily feel the need of a category for this as I quite like to feel like my “songwriting” work belongs in a sea of strangeness and not in a category of its own like is mostly the case… everywhere else on the internet. But I understand wanting to access this part of lines more easily through the maze of ambient and more electronic endeavours, as I feel we’re kind of a niche in this particular community (Songwriting, a niche ! Love it.)


I’m happy to go with whatever the community wants.

Most of my possible new topics would fit happily under “Process” and … hmmm … “Review” is close, but I’d be more inclined towards something like “Inspiration”.

I attempted to create a tag songwriting but I guess I don’t have permissions for that.

Mods? Others please chime in…

p.s. I also sail (swim / drown) on (in / under) a (the) …


Great thing to bring up! I personally think this would work well (at least to start off the thoughts) as a thread in the process category along the lines of

I have been think a lot about how some of the ambient music I make captures a “moment” or “improvisation” (which would be difficult to play a rendition of outside of just playing back a sample of it) and some has more of the components of “traditional songwriting” (even if it’s not verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus or whatever, there are distinct melody parts, accompanied by other parts in harmony with that.)

I am interested how others approach things that are song-based, and just general thoughts around the topic.

EDIT: I will say I disagree, that a “song” necessarily has voice or lyrics–I think in the larger scheme of things, I would considered that to be a component of the song (usually a large and important one from an emotional context). For a counterpoint, I feel that artists like John Fahey and William Tyler are definitely “songwriters”.

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A thread for this in the process category makes sense to me, until it grows beyond its bounds.

I’m also definitely super interested in the lines treatment of songwriting (at least, from those who think in terms of songs), and agree with the notion that a song doesn’t necessarily have vocals or lyrics (and similarly, vocal music isn’t necessarily song-based).

This seems like a good starting point though. How do you define a song? Where does a song end and a composition begin? (Or is there a difference?)

Must a song be able to be decoupled from its production qualities? (The Song in concept vs the Song as recorded) If you can’t cover it, is it a song? Speaking of which, where are all the cover versions of Dawn of Midi songs?

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More importantly, where is the next Dawn of MIDI album?

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I agree of course. A song is a song when whoever created it or experiences it says it is. My original post really is just referencing my own interests in lyrics, melody, the human voice, etc.

So many things to be discussed!

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