On tour come say hi :)

Hi Lines! I made this post a lil back or a different tour, but I’m keeping it updated as I go on new tours. I love meeting ppl here face to face so let me know if you’d like to come and I’ll try to wrangle some guest spots!

This time I’m playing with Lomelda on a short east coast tour:

Dec 10 • Great Scott • Allston, MA
Dec 11 • Space Gallery • Portland, ME
Dec 12 • Union Pool • Brooklyn, NY
Dec 13 • Boot & Saddle • Philadelphia, PA
Dec 14 • Comet Ping Pong • Washington, DC

Also, if anyone has quick tour-style suggestions for yummy food, neat shops, or easy nature spots for any of these towns, that would be sweet.


For fun, here is a pic of my touring rig. Bloop!


I see you’re playing the Abbey in Seattle! I’m intimately familiar with the area. Fremont is great. Right next to the venue is a good burger joint (veg options on point too). Also down the street is Daybreak Records which is a great lil boutique record store. American Music is just a couple blocks away if you need strings or any other gear, and Markettime Foods is a solid grocer for grab-and-go food. My partner’s salon is right by there and is really cute in case you need any hair products lol

A little further down (10min walk south) is the main drag of Fremont, housing lots of cute bars and restaurants. For the former, I recommend Bar House, a lil metal bar housed above (and operated by the owner of) Verellen Amplifiers.


<3 <3 cross record hopefully I can make chicago on the 17th. sophie/fauvley is also a pal !

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@jrdnrndl So informative. Thank you! I’m excited to scope the area, and a vegan burger will probably sound so lovely then :slight_smile:

@andrew yaaaaaaaaaaay!

If you wanna show in Fargo to break up your drive from WA to MN let me know :slight_smile:

Edit: woof just realized the dates, we could probably still get a little gig going for ya :sweat_smile:


I see you’ll be in Minneapolis on the 15th. If you’re here on the 14th, we have our Twin Cities Synth Meet that afternoon at the Squirrel Haus Arts building. If you are looking for something more to do on tour :wink:


@ParliamentLite we actually are stopping/sleeping in Fargo that day, but were not planning on playing a show. Emily, our frontwoman, is also is a death doula and is conducting a very unique experience called Living Funerals along this tour. Because of that, I may have a day off! I’d be down to hang and see what’s what in Fargo if you’d want/are avail. Also, If you or friends are interested, here is the Living Funeral tour/info. It tends to be a very intense but positive experience for folks.


@rennerom yaaaay! I think we’ll be rolling in on the 15th :upside_down_face:

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i recommend pizza @ brothers trattoria up the street from quinns
(or isamu for japanese cuisine)

almost anything on main st is pretty good depending on your taste and preferences
lots of family/locally owned shops in that part of beacon

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No idea if you are busy, but if you are interested in putting together a show in Raleigh, NC between your Richmond and Atlanta dates, I’d be happy to try to put something together. Just checked out your record Known Place, as well as the new Cross Record record and they are both lovely! The only catch is, I’d unfortunately not be able to host anyone that night as we will be in the process of a move. If that’s something you’d like feel free to send a PM and we could figure out details. If not, no problem at all, good luck on your tour and thank you for sharing, just discovered some great music I didn’t know about :slight_smile:

EDIT: whoops nevermind, just saw y’all will be in Durham that evening on the Living Funeral tour

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I’m tempted to catch you in Minneapolis, but that’s unfortunately a good long drive for me to make on a Sunday these days, I’m afraid. :disappointed_relieved:

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I live here, and I hadn’t heard about Bar House (or the Ben Verellen connection, obviously). Good tip! :slight_smile:

ah, just missed you in SF, and so close to my place. I hope the show went well and keep us posted for next round! Safe travels!

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I wish you had posted earlier; I’d have come see you in Los Angeles last week!

Can I ask what’s sitting between your gear and the table in that photo?

(I’ve been using a plank of wood to make my controllers fit a keyboard stand. I’m upgrading to a custom pedalboard, I think, which will tilt towards the audience and also double as a road case. You may have beat me to the punch on that.)

@greaterthanzero it’s not an easy problem to solve! I found a used temple audio pedalboard. its the largest one they make (which i really can’t imagine using for pedals - you would have soooo many pedals). anyways, they are super light aluminum holey boards and have these nifty connectors that allow you to rearrange quickly. The connectors get a bit pricy though, so I would actually just recommend using zip ties. its really great being able to throw the whole prewired tabletop onto a stand night after night rather than setting up/tearing down the whole thing (i did that once which led to this lol!).

@glia Thanks for the recs!

@jlmitch5 Thank you for offering and the nice words. Ya, I think we will be a little too busy to pull that off, but it would be fun!

You’re passing me by in NJ here but enjoy the run and I hope its wonderful! Have fun at Cafe Du Nord & Schubas, two of my favorite rooms to play :slight_smile:

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see yall wednesday in philly! excited to come out, music sounds great, and I just moved to town and desperately looking for cool things to do :grimacing:

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yaaaay! i haven’t spent much time there, but philly seems really tight!

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New tour update (op updated) with Lomelda opening for Frankie Cosmsos with Steven Steinbrink.

Let me know if you want to come and I’ll try to get some guest spots!


New tour update (original post updated) with Lomelda on the East Coast.

Let me know if you want to come and I’ll try to get some guest spots!