One pesky norns app refuses to be deleted

hoping this is a simple one…

I have a norns app that was loaded onto my stock norns via cyberduck a ways back. something is broken with it (I honestly don’t remember how it happened), but now I don’t have permissions to remove it, either via maiden or by connecting to the folder structure from macos.

hoping I’m just missing some simple permissions thing.

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what os are you using?

Not sure if this will help but have you tried setting the permissions recursively via Cyberduck?

If you use Cyberduck connect via sftp per normal then:

  • Navigate to dust/code
  • Select the problematic directory
  • Right-Mouse-Button and select Info

Then in the dialog box click the Permissions tab, ensure the Owner permissions for Read, Write and Execute are checked then click Apply changes recursively.

Hopefully after that maiden or Cyberduck will be able to remove the offending directory.

sorry for the delay and thanks for the detailed steps.

I gave this a shot, but somehow this thing remains undestroyable…

figuring it might be worthwhile to do a fresh install…

i’m having the exact same problem w/ an old version of Cheat Codes.
it is driving me crazy.

I can report that doing a fresh install did the trick, just at the cost of any saved stuff…

the title of this thread reads in my brain like clickbait. you will never believe!


does this also fail when using normal file sharing? (map drive, via samba.)

before doing the fresh install, I saw the same issue from connecting through macos finder, maiden, and cyberduck

“Do this immediately before bed and your pesky norns apps will melt away!“

Probably a case where getting some additional info over SSH would be helpful - to see what the permissions on that pesky file were set to.

like ls -la will list files in a directory with the permissions for example