Onebit: a M4L monosynth


8bit-inspired Max4Live monosynth

Since making bitters, I’ve been using it a lot in my own music whenever a synth is called for; it’s been gratifying to try and push and pull it to see where its limits are. Recently I thought to myself that it would be nice to have a monosynth that allowed for legato playing and maybe included portamento as an option.

This is the result of that thought! I think of it as a companion to bitters, and they share very similar guts. I pared back some of the modulation options to just those that I use a lot. Like the original, there’s always some roughness to the raw sound. Each oscillator comes with a built in FM modulator, à la Just Friends or W/Synth. There are two filters in series, highpass into lowpass like the MS-20.


Max4Live (possibly with Max 8; unclear)


v1.1.0 - download

github link


Version 1.1: I love the integer fractions way of setting the FM ratio I hit upon for bite, so I added them to onebit.