Minimal manual controller script for Monome Norns.

onehanded ui

Sometimes you only have your Norns around, and you don’t want a fancy sequencer. All I wanted was to generate a note and a CC by hand, with relative precision, while I designed sounds on my modular, particularly my ER-301 which doesn’t have any controls of its own.


Onehanded is a simple script, but I think it handles its one use case pretty well. I have ideas for MIDI LFO’s and grid/arc support, among many other things. That said, I’ve been using it a lot while I dial in sounds on my modular the last few days, and other folks may find it useful as-is.


Something that responds to MIDI.


KEY2 toggles/holds a note.
ENC2 controls a CC controller.
Holding KEY2 and KEY3 together trigger all notes off.

Use the params menu to configure the

  • note
  • CC #
  • channel #'s


v1.0.0 - download

onehanded on github