Oneven - OP-Archive

Hi everyone! My record OP-Archive is finally out. You can listen to it on all streaming platforms or buy the cassette on Bandcamp and listen to it on your Nakamichi, TC-D5, Marantz decks or whatever you have lying around.

It was recorded and mixed entirely on the Teenage Engineering OP-1 somewhere around the end of 2018 whilst commuting. Keeping the sound inside the OP-1 for as long as I could to preserve the quality was key for me while making these tracks. If you’ve ever used the OP-1 you’ll know it doesn’t really facilitate proper mixing. This is great because you just do everything by ear like on analog mixers hooked up to a 2-track. Nice and simple without too much overthinking and lots of honesty in the sound.

Hope you like it and thanks to everyone who pushed me to release it. Think of the tracks as memories of ideas that got captured in sound.

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