ong - ocean noise generator for Monome Norns

@Ukasz hmmm… the wave behaviour hasn’t changed from before. The only thing I did was to fix the wave speed and amplitude for the visualisation to the scripts’ default values and no longer adapt according to value changes.

How far the waves come down hasn’t changed. Oh actually the v1.0.0 did start with an empty screen and slowly populated waves rolling in whereas now I pre-generate the whole scene. Maybe that’s what you mean?

I want to find a more clever visualisation that doesn’t spawn so many waves on slow speeds that the CPU gets bogged down but tbh I’m not sure that’ll happen.

Time will tell

I think I had the ability to influence the animation more, basically :slight_smile: to step far away from the sea :thinking:

Well… in a way, yes. The waves did react to what you did on the encoders. Now they’re static.

I’ll try to get that back

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Cool, that was super dope!!! :bomb:

seems like the waters are clear. :stuck_out_tongue:

HERE is the first noiz session which was interesting…
but i felt last night’s noiz session was a bit more fluid…
first night was running ong on two norns and @Justmat Showers on the third…and a few of the noiz weapons in the session below.

here its running ong on all three norns.
additional noiz from Wing Pinger, Pulsar-23, M8, Dead Space Invader pedal, Buchla 208c and Herbs & Stones Gentle Wham


Ooooof :astonished:

Never in my life would I have thought that is ong @SPIKE . I love it, well done :smiley:

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The Ocean Noise Generator script has been updated.
Added a couple of tweakable parameters in the menu, cleaned up the sound engine a little bit and most importantly, re-coupled the graphics with the sound engine for better feedback.

Enjoy everyone!


Thank you! This script is beautiful :bomb:

@Ukasz thank you! The script is very niche, I’m glad a few people like it :smiley:


Maybe it will become more popular with time because it has some meditative qualities. It’s like going to the digital beach. But at night. I wonder if there is a possibility to make it day? Is there a command that inverts all pixels from dark to bright? Like in photoshop =] Just an idea

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@Ukasz I really like the idea.
There are some additional things I have in my head for ONG; I’ll keep your suggestion in mind!


Revisited this and enjoying a lot, mapped everything to midi controls abs it works fine with no crashes.

One slightly stupid thing I’d absolutely love is the possibility to turn foghorn probability to zero and instead play the foghorns with a midi keyboard. :ship::anchor::octopus:

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Haha im glad you like the changes! seems like you found the undocumented additions as well hehe :squid:

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Used ONG live in the ending of our Isn’tses set at Le Pub last nite :slight_smile: foghorn sounded immense thru a good PA -