Online->IRL reverb/processing like Silophone?

Used to love messing with Silophone, a sound installation whereby speakers and mics in a giant grain silo were attached to a website and a telephone so that people could send audio thru it, which would come back a few mins later on a lo-fi realmedia stream. :slight_smile: Used to try and abuse the system by opening multiple browser windows to flood the queue with my own wavs :smiley: and experimented with putting super loud tones and sweeps thru it. (wish i’d known about convolution reverb back then!*) Used it on a few tracks on my early album [Marklamarrmalarky]

But this was circa 2000 so it’s no longer functional, was wondering if anyone’s heard of anything similar today? Seems like it’d be much easier to set up and get good quality/realtime results too.

*(actually, listening to it again, the first track on that album is pretty much a conv reverb impulse :smiley: gonna try it)


Not really the same idea, but this is pretty bonkers

Can’t help but think it’s unnecessary though…

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Was Tank-FX the same concept, maybe the same site?
it worked until about 2009, but only seemed to be mono when i used it
I put Alvin Lucier through it back when it was online

Ah yeah, I remember that one too. Was a different thing yep. Those recordings sound great :slight_smile:

Not really the same idea, but this is pretty bonkers

Ha yes interesting/absurd :slight_smile: