"Onset" - Infinite Set 1~4

I’m really happy to share that my 2018 album is now out:


This album consists of four solo performances from the second half of this year. They are the start of the “Infinite Set”: Each performance starts with the last pattern played at the previous, then morphs into something new. The versions on the album (and the videos) have been slightly edited, and re-mastered.

These performances were all performed on Digitakt, MicroMonsta, controllers, and my audio / MIDI processing chain running in SuperCollider on a RaspberryPi.

Deep thanks to the community here for being with me on this journey. I’ll be continuing the Infinite Set in 2019…

{ ∞ }

Album on Bandcamp

Performance videos on YouTube

Also available on: AmazonAppleDeezerGoogleNapsterSpotifyTidal