this sounds really cool! and your fix looks like a nice contribution too.

so the idea is to have each loop keep track of the beat number that it started recording on and then it counts beats based off that? i agree that would fix the case that you start recording in the middle of a loop and want to be synced up with that middle portion. actually i think that would give a lot more flexibility to recording in general esp for big loops.

i think this idea (if i interpreted correct) works especially well for live situations…however if you don’t mind “stopping” the loops - you could alternatively oooooo listen for a signal from your midi device and start all the loops playing from 0 (also assuming the 0-position is where you want to start from). this is actually what i often do - i use a op-1 and it sends a “play/continue” cc, which i have oooooo consume to initiate playback.

let me know if i can help in anyway or if you need to bounce around more ideas. i love bouncing ideas :ping_pong:

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Yeah it seems like you understand what I’m saying, glad it seems like a good idea!

Ahhh I didn’t realize that oooooo responded to play/continue! Unfortunately the gear I test with (my Volca Sample) doesn’t send play/continue (that I know of). Does oooooo start all loops if they’re stopped if it receives play/continue?

I think counting is still the way that would work best for me so I’ll try to hack on it this weekend / next week.

OK, so… Apologies in advance for what is undoubtedly daft n00b question of the day:

I can hear the input (a music file in VNC) through headphones connected to the Shield but I’m not sure how to get it to record - I mean, I know it’s K1+K3, twice, but no sound seems to be going to the loop.

I wonder if my input sound into oooooo is too low - it’s already at 100% in VNC (and my laptop output volume is now 90%, way louder than I’d normally have)…

The fact I’m hearing the source at a comfortable volume (clear, no distortion) in headphones makes me think I’m missing something really obvious in the settings for oooooo, but just cannot figure it out. Any suggestions gratefully received!



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See the post from @huron further above in the thread. That resolved the same issue for me


Thank you! Will give that a go!

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@Helen feel free to ask more questions if that doesn’t work. no question is too n00b :slight_smile:

i think the problem is originating by the fact that “input type” used to have 3 parameters and the default was parameter #3 ("line-in"). now “input type” has 5 parameters and the default is parameter #4 ("line-in (L+R)+tape"). the problem is manifesting because the old default is saved when oooooo is run, but after updating the old default is still used. i’m fixed this now by having the “input type” not be saved ever - this will help future users but any other users should try PARAMETERS > recording > input type and make sure its line-in (L+R)+tape as suggested.

sorry, i left out something important! the power to start on cc command is brought to oooooo via middy, which is available in the latest version of oooooo. basically every parameter (start loop / stop loop / record loop / etc) can be triggered using the osc commands. the middy script allows you to use midi cc (or any midi anything) to send triggers through those osc commands. this feature is a bit “power user”-ish since it requires writing a .json configuration file with the midi -> parameters mapping. but its very powerful, and will let you do things like “start all loops.” here is an example from my middy file which starts everything when i press a button on my nanokontrol:

i realize this is a little bit complicated and i’m happy to help usher if you want to try something along this path. but essentially it gives you a lot of power to chain all sorts of commands from virtually any midi input.


Thank you, that’s a really kind offer!

I think the root of the problem is in my head, to be blunt - I’m a bit ‘on the spectrum’ so I tend to read things literally, also I lose sight of the bigger picture very quickly and get bogged down in details. “Can’t see the wood for the trees”, as the saying goes!

ilikeorangethecolour’s pointer to huron’s earlier post was exactly what I needed - so thanks to both of them! - but the bottom line is that I think I need to spend more time just learning the basics, of the whole Shield ecosystem, before I go back to oooooo.

That said, the little way in that I got (before again losing my way!) was just breathtakingly good - I’m so in awe of folks who can write the code for all these amazing scripts! In this case, I ended up reinstalling oooooo from Maiden in the hope that, when I go back to it, I’ll have a clean install… Time will tell, I’ve shut it down for now and will try again later, after I’ve eaten (another of my spectral idiosyncracies is forgetting to do that!)

The Lines community is so blessed to have people like you (among many others) around - but there are still things I need to get straight in my own head about it before I dive back in.

Thank you everyone for your patience with slowcoaches like me, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it :green_heart:


Im definitely ‘sitting at the back with the rafia’ with some of these complex scripts. but diving in and seeing what you get is also rewarding. Some you break through, some not.
yes also in awe of the coders on another level.


wondering…is this something that OOOOOO could do?
or would this have to be an entire script of its own?


that is very very cool. there is a lot going on in that pedal! oooooo can’t do much of that…there’s not a lot of loop<->loop communication going on so you can’t use one loop to transform another. its a really cool idea though. i think its moderately difficult, but it would be cool to script up something that has two channels that modulate each other’s pitch/filter/effect based on their volume.


hey ya!
got a couple of questions…

so i am going control crazy assigning a horde of parameters using a FaderFox PC12.

so…when i make changes to the LFO (amp, period, offset) affecting Vol the selected loop jumps all over the place.
is that normal?

also…i either forgot or missed the memo.
i can’t select the odd numbered loops without it also selecting (highlighting) the even numbered loop.
however…i can select the even loops individually.

thanks for any help!

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yes…the lfo is a sine wave calculated from time=0, so changing the period and offset can cause huge deviations from its current position. if you’re looking to add lfos to the lfo…things can get pretty much more random-seeming.

ok you might be stuck in a new mode added! can you go to choose mode from parameters and choose default? that should be you back at normal. if that doesn’t work, check each loop X and see if the sync tape with parameter is set…it sounds like the loops are synced together. (this is a feature not a bug…for stereo mode you can sync two loops and hard pan them :slight_smile: )

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that was it!

was wondering…
could the docs for the script get updated with all the new features?
i went there as a first step but couldn’t find the answer. :slight_smile:

with so many scripts these days it’s getting harder to remember all those details. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again for the help!!!

First, I love this script. I got a Norns for no other reason (the other really cool scripts are icing on the cake). I’ve paired it with an Akai Midimix to have access to lots of parameters at once and it’s a blast!

However, some questions.

Is there a way to limit the range of the rate adjustment? So instead of going to -400% to 400%, could I limit it to say -100% to 200%? And could I make the increments of change smaller within that range, so maybe 5% increments?

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I might be wrong but I believe in the mapping section of Norns you can now set the range of values for a midi controller.

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Hey, not sure if I am missing something here but does having a loop set to reset ever x beats, mean the random loop length parameter has no effect? Could you jump around a loop whilst still keeping it locked to a set number of beats?

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Correct, the Reset Every X Beats feature will effectively lock a loop length but your loop could be longer than the reset window. It could be shorter too, actually, but then you’re going to get double-starts, which could be cool.

You could totally move through a long loop in chunks with this feature, it’s super flexible and unique.

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also…you could check if your controller will set range limits as well.
i do that on the PC12 by setting the lower and upper ranges for the knobs or buttons.

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Nice yeah I’ve never seen the ability to do that anywhere, could be fun! Not sure if others would find it useful but would love to try it, if it’s not too hard to add?

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It’s already a feature, unless I’m mis-understanding. I had / have some plans to expand the MIDI capabilities of the Reset Every X Beats feature so that it works a little better when clocked to other devices but it totally works today, fire it up and try it out! You can just use the internal clock in the Norns (I do this all the time).

It’s such a simple feature but it really adds a layer of flexibility that you can’t get with other loopers and I love it. Have been too busy having fun with oooooo and playing music to actually make the changes I want to make but that’s more of a testament to how amazing the script already is :sunglasses: