worked perfectly! Thanks @infinitedigits :grin:

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Since a last update you will find it in the EDIT menu, under Save/Load :wink:


Oh, thanks! I thought it was just for saving the settings.


You are welcome :blush:. It’s for settings and loops.


Hm, I see it’s saved my session with loops, but can it save loops to an audio folder? I don’t know how the old version works, it also saved loops only loaded inside the session? It would be very useful to able to export the loops to the audio folder, so that you can use them later, for example, in a DAW session.

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welcome :slight_smile: you will love it.

it sounds like you found a way to do this. there are two main ways to do this. one of them can be really fast. you can use the parameters menu save/load to save/load an entire “project” (all six loops, parameters, audio,etc. you can also load samples into individual loops by doing to loop X > load audio (at the bottom).

as for midi mapping loading…you could do this with middy, i think. middy is a script add-on that lets you map anything or multiple things via midi. you can install it separately and then it should be available in oooooo. using middy you should be able to map a midi key to tell the oooooo script to load audio into a loop, or load multiple audios into a loop, or load a previously saved project, etc. let me know if this is a route you want to go on and i can guide your way!

the loops are saved, but they are in the data/oooooo folder. the audio for each loop should be there as loop1.wav, etc.


Yes! this sounds perfect. I’ll mess with save/load and see if that gets me where i need to.

And middy sounds perfect. Ill do some reading up on that, but i suppose if you can make my path easier, that always appreciated!

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okay i tried it out and it works well with loading files. here’s an example middy file that uses button 46 of my particular midi controller (nanokontrol2) to load two different files into two loops:

    "comment": "load audio",
    "button": true,
    "cc": 46,
    "commands": [
        "data": "/home/we/dust/data/oooooo/AA/loop1.wav",
        "msg": "/param/1load_file"
        "data": "/home/we/dust/audio/tehn/mancini2.wav",
        "msg": "/param/2load_file"

you can change the data to whatever you want. in this example i made one loop one that i saved previously (..AA/loop1) and the other one is just from the audio directory.


You are amazing! I will make great use of this. Thank you so much.

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Thank you! I didn’t think to look in this folder.

version 1.6.0 - the grid update

  • new feature: a 8x8 or 16x8 grid will work with oooooo now, letting you control loops as well as chop them and play them like a mellotron
  • new feature: filter has an lfo
  • bug fix: the positions are now represented more accurately on the loops

grid details

first of all - oooooo still works great without a grid!

the grid additions will essentially allow you to mainpulate loops really quickly (setting start positions/lengths/volumes/pan/rates/filters and their lfos with a touch). there are, however, two novel features for the grid:

  1. you can easily and quickly jump around in loops (by pressing the lights corresponding to the loop).
  2. i also added a “melloton” mode.

(note: both these modes can be interfaced via the parameters menu so in theory you can make them work with any midi/osc device!)

the mellotron mode is something i’ve been wanting to play around with for awhile. essentially it lets you re-pitch the loops into specific notes along a scale, which the grid lays out in the buttons. here are two examples using the “mellotron” mode with saxophone and piano.

personally, the augmentation of the piano is especially exciting for me as i consider it my “main” instrument and any new exploration of piano is an absolute joy.

you may find :bug: with this update! i played with it a lot and i’m not finding them anymore, but as you explore please let me know if you find a bug. also i’m open to suggestions about the grid layout (and anything else) if you have ideas to improve.

grid docs

(thank you @tyleretters for this absolutely amazingly useful grid doc tool!)


Will this work with midigrid similar to cheat codes 2?


That’s a really wonderfully intuitive Grid implementation! I seem unable to record audio and it doesn’t appear related to softcut levels. I’ll keep poking away

Sorry, disregard. As is often the case, this was my mistake. I failed to update the input type under recording.


This is dope. Can´t wait to test it :slight_smile:

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need some help with this one! bat signaling @dan_derks …whenever there’s time, could you point me to how cc2 got midigrid to work like grid?

this is a really really common problem - i think its a bad default as an previous update changed input types so that the default accidentally switched to just tape, instead of line-in+tape. the default should be fixed with new versions (including this latest), but if it happens again to you (or anyone) you can clear your old parameter defaults with this command from maiden:

os.execute("rm ~/dust/data/oooooo/oooooo.pset")

also i just pushed a tiny fix to make the loop selection sync better with the norns.


I got it working with 2 Launchpad Mini Mk3s and midigrid by inserting

local grid = include("midigrid/lib/mg_128")



in /oooooo/lib/grido.lua


wow that sax demo is awesome. excited to dive in.


I’m enjoying snatching a few drones from euroland and playing them using the mellotron-ish mode so much!


that’s amazing, thank you! next grid pattern record and arc buffer scrolling :smile:


arc buffer scrolling would be amazing. Any arc funcionality would be great!