Open call for Collaborator(s)


Best Practices for Collaboration (15.june 2019):

Tracking overview:

Google Drive Collaboration Folder (open for anyone who wants to join in with new stuff or add to existing stuff)

After playing in a band for many years, releasing a couple of records and touring Europe and the US(you can listen here, it is post rocky/90s indie-ish the band slowly started winding down and I found more time to explore my more experimental(ambient/drone/glitchy electronics) music.

While doing stuff alone is great I always have big issues with feeling that something is good enough to share, and having a collaborator makes it easier and also more productive to “finish” stuff.
Thankfully I quickly found a collaborator and we started both jamming and sending files online. It was a great creative partnership that I learned a lot from and truly wished was still ongoing. But my creative partner unfortunately grew tired of what we were doing and wanted to do more of a traditional “band” thing again, while I already had my old band and a new band going( I still want to pursue the world of more improvised and less traditionally structured music, preferably with someone as a sparring partner.

If anyone is looking for someone just to send some tracks back and forth, no pressure, no clear goals, just to test out the waters I would love to find someone here to just be creative with. I normally work with heavily processed guitars, glockenspiels, melodicas etc. Currently deep into norns + a small arsenal of fun creative fx pedals. A small glimpse into what I like to do can be found here:

Stream aldrin music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud /

my fresh instagram created to “celebrate” my first time playing solo in front of other people after about 10 years of playing to myself.

Mods: this might go in under a different topic, but I couldn’t find anything similar searching the forum. Maybe this could work as a hub for different people looking for collaborators?



This is a great topic, which seems to be resonant with, yet distinguishable from, other calls for collaboration such as the LCRP…

I’m down for trying something…

My primary working environment is Ableton 10.1 Suite, with some eurorack, MS-29 and a decent pile of pedals…

Guitar and bass, hand percussion, hippie flute, psychedelic sounds, ambient, hypnotic…

What is your vision for how to handle logistics?

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I’m down. Reminds me of the Noise-Arch collection on in concept. Those tapes make me think of underground collaborations where people use the postal service to try out new ideas with each other.

I’m working with Mobenthy modular synths, FM on Norns, piano and guitar.

Are DMs with tracks okay?

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This is something that i’ve always thought about proposing, but was always hesitant to…As someone who makes music by myself, it would be great to get some feedback and maybe work on some projects

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I’m happy this resonates with you guys. DMs with tracks are perfect. If this grows I can look into how we could “open” this up so that anyone could collaborate with anyone.
Maybe just a cloud file structure with folders that are dates and that can be filled with contributions.


And within these folders you would have files with the following naming convention:

“nickname””date””this dates contribution number(goes up by +1 for every new contribution for that date)




And when a collaborator takes another collaborators track and adds new stuff, you just add your info at the back of the track.

Example after collaboration between me and gnome(my original track was the second I posted yesterday, gnome added his stuff today)


There might be some long tracknames way to quickly. Hm. Maybe a google sheet with the same amount of info is the way to go.

To make it as simple as possible I’m thinking just stereo wav tracks at the moment, to try and keep it contained within the “improvised”/spur of the moment vibe.

I am not bound up to any DAW at the moment, but will most likely use Ableton for recording(maybe after sending stuff through a 4 track first).

I’d be up for this, find it hard to meet people irl :slight_smile:
I mostly play Rack, tape machines, field recordings, and pedals.


Some kind of tracking spreadsheet would be great

DMs could get pretty big, right?

Does DM imply Twitter or just any direct message system, including email?

Does anyone use splice for file sharing?

With my most frequent collaborator/band mate, we just post Ableton sets to our respective google drives, but I can see that rapidly getting insane in this context!

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Ive collaborated with ableton sets online before. But that makes ableton a prerequisite. By having just stereo playouts of tracks makes it a bit more open for everyone, and also its good to loose a bit of control over everything. If that makes sense? Will look into how to organize this later.

And by DMs I think @lazzarello meant direct messages here on lines.

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I definitely get how selecting a specific DAW is limiting!

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I’d be happy to get involved as well, though I can see it getting hard to manage with a lot of people participating. I’m also a norns/modular/guitar/bass guy. I have a lot of “sketches” of ideas and would be interested in seeing if anyone would want to build on some of that material to turn into fuller compositions.

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YPOFH and this song in particular mean so much to me. It perfectly encapsulates a time of my life, when myself and a group of friends would gather and listen to all the new post-rock releases late at night and just talk about everything. This song seemed to always stay in rotation as it struck a chord with almost all of us. Now, almost 10 years later, each one of us has gone their separate ways and one of my best friends who was in this group of friends has passed away, this song always reminds me of the best aspects of that time. So for that, you and your band mates have my eternal gratitude.

I have a couple of side projects which function in the same way you mention here (this & this), both are mostly ambient/drone, so I am familiar with this way of working. I will hopefully send something your way within the week. It would be pretty cool to be able to collaborate with more people from this community.

Note to mods:

Perhaps this idea of fostering direct collaboration between members could be implemented more widely for the whole community?

Not sure how to implement it technically, but it seems like a natural outgrowth… Unless it’s already here and we don’t know about it…


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Agreed. I am looking into trying to find a larger platform for somethibg like this. Biggest obstacle is finding something that suits different workflows and keeps track of information.

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wow! it never ceases to amaze me how far our music have reached and the impact we made on some people. thank you! And Im looking forward to getting some stuff from your end!

also, everyone. I am trying to set up a slack with some google drive folder and spreadsheet attached if we want to make a general collaboration platform. Help is greatly appreciated.

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Does this small slack-group make sense? Still need to update with info/guidelines(if anyone feels a call to do this, please holler at me). still not 100% confident that this is the best solution.

If slack proves unsuccessful, here is a direct link to a google drive folder for sharing stuff. My shared file was just threwn together while getting my infant daughter to try and sleep(it worked).

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Invite link for slack:

joined up on slack, but tbh i have no idea what it is or how to use the app :slight_smile:

Haha. Very understandable, as far as I understand it’s basically “professional” dischord. Just a place to collect links and a userbase.

But as I said, not really sure if it is the best way to proceed.

Today my (truly) best friend, who is on the other side of the world, and I decided today to resume collaborating. Over the last decade or so, we went our own, disparate ways as far as building up our studios, i.e., ‘gear’, and making music. When possible, we would meet to chat and drink, always encouraging each other. Now, Distance brings us together.


This is interesting! But an editable Google Docs spreadsheet would make WAY more sense than either Slack (difficult barrier to entry for those unfamiliar with it, unlikely to lead to repeat engagement for a single-purpose thing) or a shared Google Drive folder (unclear what anyone should do with a bunch of unsorted audio files or what anyone is looking for or brings to the table). not to criticize at all and just my own opinion, to be clear, i just would love to see this turn into a productive source for collaborations.