Open for Collaborators - PerthAmbient Social Distancing Edition

Hi all. I am the current curator of Perth Ambient, a collective dedicated to live improvised ambient and experimental electronic music performance.

We get together approximately once every two months and do a live recording. However, due to social distancing we are considering a different approach, where:
-someone records a stem at home (approximately 10 minutes of audio, preferably with some gaps/pauses)
-they send it to the next person in the chain who records over it
-this is repeated along perhaps 5 people in a chain
-the last person (probably me) does the final mixdown and cuts the resulting track, and uploads to the bandcamp.

Tentative date is the weekend starting 27th March.

I would like to make about 3 tracks like this and upload them to a dedicated album on the bandcamp. All participants are entitled to a copy of the final mixes, no worries.

Genre/style-wise: we’re a broad church. Everything from total daydream ambience to pounding industrial noise and abstract soundscapes. All we ask is that each individual’s contribution to the session is the result of attentive listening and measured response. It’s a collaboration, not a contest :slight_smile:

If you’re interested or know someone who might be, drop me a line on here.


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This looks fun. I’m keen.

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Thanks for all the replies, one more slot open. DM me with your email address to get in the loop.

For those interested in how this turned out:

Details in the album notes - enjoy!


I missed this entirely thanks to the chaos :expressionless:

Hello from Fremantle.

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This was fun, cheers.

Really enjoyed the relay process.

Edition Two currently underway!

If you are interested in collaborating, feel free to get in touch. You will become an honorary Perth citizen for the duration of your contribution, and will have your passport stamped with a couple of cool tunes afterward.

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Hi everyone. Really looking forward to this round :slight_smile: The contributions from last round were great.Thanks for organising this again and happy music making

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Hey fellow Westralians!

Also, I’m up for this if there’s still space? :smiley:

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Hey team looking forward to use my exact function generator Type 250.

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Hey all! Excited to make my Perth Ambient debut :slight_smile: I’m Kael from Ambient Zone, and I’m starting off track 2. I did some recording last night and I’m just finalising the wav to pass on to the next person, so hang tight…


Hi Kael :slight_smile: mate I’m a big fan of the show lol… I’m showing my age but I think the first time I listened was probably around 94 … when FSOL Lifeforms came out, actually… that was the album that got me in on electronic music and I heard it on Ambient zone hahah … madness! … good to have u involved :slight_smile:

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Showing my age too, as that was when I first started listening, and FSOL was also a massive influence on me…along with all The Orb stuff, and I’ve always been a massive Eno-phile :slight_smile: I can’t take credit for the show back then though, I’ve only been presenting since 2011, but I’m making up for lost time! Stoked to be on board here, just exporting my wav from Audacity now!

haha awesome yep the Orb and Eno :slight_smile: … so much great music from back then… and its great to have such a proliferation of music coming out these days! Even better having all this hardware and software thats so much more attainable (and powerful) than it used to be. Yep looking forward to getting stuck in to this project for sure. Take it easy :slight_smile: justin

I’ve really enjoyed this process so far, looking forward to hearing the end results. Just wish I had some proper bloody internet - ADSL2+ at 5mbps download and pretty much 0 upload makes life hard at the moment… :sweat_smile:

Hi everyone. Quick update :slight_smile: I’ve just send the files for the first track to Skwid for the final piece.

My thoughts : This one took me a while to be honest… so apologies for the delay :slight_smile: I recorded a whole bunch of dreamy pads and synth stuff on the deepmind12, slept on it and then deleted it all the next day, opting to carry the torch with some darker / harsher and grittier sounds, although I couldn’t help but sneak in a little bit of cheeky toy piano, run through epic amounts of granular delay…

actually Ableton’s granular delay and “texture” playback algorithm was my main tool on this one to be honest… Theres a few cool tricks you can use to get some very interesting granular synth effects using either of Ableton’s sampler instruments. The samples I used were literally just a random beat loop sliced up and a 2 second riff on a toy piano :slight_smile: hope you enjoy.

Take it easy.


Nice one. Track 1 was interesting - as the first person in the chain, i was tossing up between two approaches:
a) peppering the track’s duration with little flurries of sound to act as a thin thread/layer throughout the piece
b) opening the piece with a strong thematic statement that was much more ‘full’, and which did not continue at all past about 3 mins mark

I opted for B, because i wanted to see what would happen by passing along a more fully-formed torch, and see where other people took the idea. Sonically i wanted the sound of electricity pulsing/surging, industrial electromagnetic devices, etc.

Definitely a good choice Max. The results are going to be vastly different to the first round which is great i think. Variety is the spice of life … and he who controls the spice controls the universe :sunglasses:
I really liked that bass. Very fullsome :slight_smile:
Have a great long weekend everyone

After starting Track 2 and then getting Track 1 as third in line I was concerned that my parts were too strong and prescriptive and took up too much of the track… Max assured me that it didn’t matter, but I will probably still rein it in if I get to do another one! Weirdly Justin’s description of what got deleted sounds a lot like my parts on Track 2 (dreamy pads is my one true love) so you might have felt the “change direction vibes” through the ether…
Also weird: I think Max and I both started of in some form of F chord :slight_smile: