Open Invitation: Alternative Electronic Music Series, Utica, NY

Cool @CaneMan! We’d love to have you come out. This next show is going to be a lot of fun.

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Another great show last night with @mzero! We had a lot of fun. I personally got a lot of fulfillment getting out and doing a solo guitar set. I believe Marc took some video we should be able to share later. Here’s some photos, courtesy of my brother Tom of


We had a great time. Utica was a warm and welcoming audience. Thank you so much, Andrew, for putting this on and having us. Shout out to Tom for the awesome pictures and Alexis for the live video projections. Can’t wait to get home and review the recordings and video we took.


Glad to see this series still going strong, @Andrew_Sblendorio! I should come out and do another one sometime…

Yes hey thank you!

We have another show in October featuring Ann Rhodes ( that should be exciting. I don’t know what I want to do after that show. Maybe you should come out!

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Msg me about dates and we’ll see if we can coordinate…

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