Open Source album with pd, ORCA, Max, VCVRack patches - Re: conet_c

Hey guys,
Thought its worth posting here as i released an album and attempted making it open source and community here is operating with similar values.

All the patches developed vcv rack, ORCA, pd and Max, sysex files to Digitone and Analog Rytm, samples are available for grabs. Also, it comes with early mixes, mixes made by Roel Funcken, Nathan Moody, Benny Tones and Toby Lloyd and mastered versions of all these tracks so you can really compare first mixes, second mixes with masters and see the evolution of each tune and load the patterns to your rytm or digitone or other platform used.

On top of that i made RytmTool and Digitool which give additional modulation sources to the machines. These are max patches that use NPRN midi to send to the devices. Random generatros, sine and drunk. You can set the ranges so it can just slightly move the parameters and free LFOs for other bits. I find it quite useful. Check it out. Everything released on Github and high-quality audio on Bandcamp on pay as much as you want.

Here is link to Github repo


Here is documentation on Instagram feed.
and few patches.

Let me know what you think about the music and if you get to use any of the patches. I am planning some updates there consider this a starting point and made them with expansion in mind, modular if you like.


I love the rhythms in the opening track!

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