Open source matrix mixer design?

Hi, I’m really interested on getting a matrix mixer. Does anyone knows where I can find some open source designs? I would love a pcb design, cause I’m not so good on wiring and stuff like that, but could also be the right occasion for doing some practice!

I’ve looked into this a year ago before purchasing a pcb of NLC (cluster matrix mixer). (have one for sale if interested)

Alternatively out of my head, Doepfer has two designs and Ken Stone has a design.

That cluster mixer looks fun, but I was looking for non eurorack but desktop stuff.

I’ve built a couple of very simple desktop matrix mixers from the description in Nicolas Collins’ Handmade Electronic Music. I had the first edition, and the editions do vary somewhat, but I think the matrix mixer is in all of them. Can anyone confirm?

(This is not a PCB design. It’s very easy to build.)

are you looking for active or passive?

I was thinking about passive but active could be also ok! Thanks bens, this book looks awesome!

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i have an edition published in 2006. there’s a 3x3 matrix mixer schematic.

Confirming second edition (2009) has schemas of matrix mixers as well.