{ open space } : 01-20-19 _ open house (2pm)


everyone is welcome <3 hope you can make it out sometime, hope you can perform sometime

audio from future events will be reposited here : https://anopenspace.bandcamp.com/releases

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videoing would be really cool imo! I don’t think Skyping or FaceTiming in to watch sounds like a good time, given, like, audio quality and stability issues, but it’d be cool to see y’all play!


one might say skype’s microphone compression is not optimally tuned for ambient music performances


awesome ! really wish i could be there. someone should do an ig stream ! i would watch for sure. i can’t wait for @Dan_Derks album!


oh yea forgot about that one. if someone can lend me a phone that works properly during the show I can stream it from my account.


this is what my performance will be like

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oh god, so many bad memories of skype, I doubt a single line of code was updated since the MS acquisition. certainly discord or telegram or (something else?) would be better, no?

*nested* + less concepts: album + cellular automata sequencer (norns, Mac)

I hope those in chicago can make it out to this one - @barnjazz will be performing for the first time. I’m very excited for what kyle and nathan of ashen swan have to share with us ~

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update x 3 :

next show on 01/13 ---->

01-13-19 (3pm)
experimental house show / humboldt park
suggested donation for chicago coalition for the homeless
2630 w crystal st (floor 3)

& trying out new thing ~ open house ~ on 01/20 : a-sort-of-informal-campfire-circle-talk about gear and process. to participate, bring yr music gears of choice and be ready for a short performance/demo at the beginning. all are welcome / pls come !! ideated by the amiable @Dan_Derks

(a/v poster hehe)

&& last/not least audio form @barnjazz + ashen swan is now peep-able on open space bandcamp


bump for open house this sunday -> !! come if you can !! i

it’ll be chill and everyone will be talking rather than sitting quietly and respectfully. excited 2 learn some things !