Open-Studios w Trent Gill: NYC 11/13

Tomorrow evening in NYC, a genesis. I’m presenting an open-studio performance / experience at The Hollows in Williamsburg, all night, 9pm Sunday through 6am Monday morning.

I moved here to New York three years ago as a musician first and foremost. The intervening years have been an odyssey of discovery and progress as an instrument builder, but with a tapering off of raw artistic output. Spending time around this art space has pushed my creative impulses back to the forefront.

Sunday night I’ll be committing these lessons learnt to tape– performed on and around a body of instruments I’ve designed over that same period. Some kind of bizarro footwork collage, in a space filled with shimmering projections.

Please join me; bring an instrument of any medium or variety; for a short time, or long; or simply drop in with well wishes. It’s the people at the centre of any process that make things magical.


Whoo! Be there after work for sure.

And thank god you did! Man you have utterly changed my musical life - your instruments have taken me so many places. I got em all and now because of just friends I have a teletype which isn’t just about JF at all - it’s a new path. Again, wouldn’t have thought about if not for JF though :slight_smile:

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and Can I tune in from Melbourne somehow?

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oh hey this sounds like a great time - i wish you the best!

i look forward to hearing the results. listen forward?

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soooo… how was it?


Despite the unconventionally challenging situation of having what amounted to a small party while trying to make a record, Trent managed to play lots of beautiful, original music over several hours. Awesome space, as well! I had a great time.

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