Opening sum in Max 7 and instant CPU overload

I downloaded sum and as soon as I open it in Max it overloads the CPU >100%. Any thoughts? Mac OS 10.11.5 El Capitan and Max 7.2.3

Haven’t had this problem with other Max patches.

try opening sum in mac 6 runtime-- it was written originally in max 6 and i’m not sure if something happened to change how it works in max 7.

Max 6 runtime won’t even open it. I can browse to it, select open but it never opens.

Maybe try opening it in 32 bit mode? Not sure why but this has helped me with similar issues in the past.

Both are set to open in 32 bit mode already. It’s the only way I can use it with Pages. :-/

which file are u opening in max, the maxproj or monome_sum.maxpat?

I had this same problem a few months ago when I updated to Max 7, but in my case, it was solved when I made sure that the version of Max 7 I was running was in 64-bit mode. There was something odd about Max 7 on Mac OS X ElCapitan at the time in which it kept switching back to 32-bit mode (even after I switched to 64-bit mode). There is a workaround online that helps you ensure that your Max 7 runs in 64-bit mode. I’m also assuming you’re using the newest version of Max 7.