Opinions on Sound Devices Mixpre-6?

Hi all, I’m once again on another big purge getting rid of stuff in general and in the studio specifically. I think I can now easily make do with 5-6 inputs, which is why the Mixpre-6 appeals. It’s compact, can be used standalone, and doubles as field recorder, mixer, and audio interface. Online reviews seem favorable, but I’d be interested if anyone of you have used it and can comment. Kind of trust the community wisdom on here more than I trust a random web search. Thanks!



I’ve had mine for over a year. It’s a constant companion. It sounds beautiful.


I love mine. this helps a LOT too. The knob is a little hard to reach sometimes.


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it’s a brilliant device for recording… but from your post (i may have misudnerstood) I think you’re looking to also use it as your studio soundcard? Main problem with this is that it only has an unbalanced mini jack headphone output… not great if you’re planning to plug it into some monitor/amp/desk setup…
(also i’m sure you’ve seen on the specs but the ‘6’ inputs also counts the minijack aux in, there are only 4 xlr/jack inputs)

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Thanks @dspk (and everyone else) for the thoughtful answer. Yes, you are right, I am thinking of using it as an audio interface as well, hooked up to a Mac and active studio monitors. Will the minijack out be up to that? If not, I still have another stereo audio interface for live gigs that could serve as audio only. I am aiming to primarily do standalone recordings with the Mixpre, both in the studio and outside.

i think quality wise the headphone jack won’t be best solution, also as @David_Rothbaum mentioend the volume knob is quite fiddly, making it hard to adjust your speaker level when working.

I apologize in advance for the n00b question but … how would one connect a eurorack synth to this? The inputs appear to be all XLR or USB. Would you need something like an Expert Sleepers ES-8? Thanks for your guidance.

Thanks. Just looked at the Mixpre-6 manual again and it states clearly that it has 4 outputs. Headphone out with volume control, and another stereo out on the opposite panel. While that doesn’t have a volume control, a simple passive external volume control could do the job I think.

The XLRs are actually combo jacks that take both XLR and 1/4" plugs. And I’m pretty sure that the Mixpre takes pretty high levels without problem (don’t own one yet).

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It does. It has very solid gain control and also a fantastic built-in limiter.

I just got the mixpre-6m and it’s really nice.
It’s the “musician” version which basically means it’s $100 less because they aren’t paying all the licensing fees to roll in the video sync / timecode features that people doing sound for video require. Instead they gave this one the ability to do 12 track recordings if you want to. I don’t anticipate using mine as a multitrack DAW but I guess some people might.


yeah, i have the M version as well. this also includes a built in reverb (that is on a send).

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I have a 10m, and I endorse it enthusiastically. I’m recording a lot more than I did before I had it, despite owning a pretty great audio interface that I don’t particularly enjoy using. It’s really immediate and doesn’t get in its own way. I’ve found it’s great for both spontaneous and more considered recordings, and I expect that I’d feel the same about the 6m.

Inputs offer plenty of clean gain and loads of headroom. Each input has a pre-converter limiter that works quite well.

I’ve reported and confirmed a couple bugs that aren’t show-stoppers, but I hope will be resolved:

  1. Printing track effects via bounce doesn’t work; the new tracks are dry.
  2. You can’t clear tracks’ audio if they’re the only ones with audio; you have to trash the project

Again, they aren’t show-stoppers for me, but I guess I’ll get a sense of how responsive their developers are as I track them. I’m looking forward to the next firmware update, which will bring support for Wingman (the Bluetooth app which must be so much faster than the arcade game-style data input), as well as limited support for control surfaces and Ambisonic+binaural recording.

@marcus_fischer I didn’t know the price difference between the two was an entailment of licensing costs. Interesting!

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I’m still torn between the Zoom H6 and either the Mixpre-3m or 6m. I’ll be using it for studio recordings, field/live recordings, and possibly along with video content, which would make the timecode / video sync stuff useful, but I’m not really considering video until I have something HD-capable to replace my years-old entry-level Canon T3i.

love my Mixpre-6. Have as well a 702. Preamps and limiters are top

Zoom’s get out of sync…

I think there’s no comparison between their preamps. Sound Devices gear is in a different league altogether; top quality.


I agree. If you don’t need to power mics, then look elsewhere if you want to save money. But if you want to record multichannel with mics, especially quiet sources, then mixpre is the best option currently.

I don’t know if that is the official word but it is what I heard from a location sound guy that I’ve worked with.
I guess all that stuff really adds up.

I also find it interesting that regular non-M users can buy the M features for $100… so then you’ve paid $200 more than an M? Really confusing pricing structure.

I hope that they make the wingman app available for M owners.

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Yep, and the new 3.0 firmware will bring Wingman home. I’ve been told to expect both this month.
I suppose that, for some users, mid-side support will justify the price of getting a “t” model and then getting the “m” plugin. That would be pretty nice to have, but I simply don’t mic enough stuff to fret over it. I wonder if they’ll offer a “t” plugin - talk about confusing :wink:

yes this would be great.