Orac : open source instrument thing ;)


The Mod-UI repository has a pretty good browser based signal control system, though it is tightly coupled to both JACK and LV2 utilities. It would require some abstraction work to make it compatible with other DSP systems.


this was always a huge source of fun
I wish the old RJDJ app still ran on idevices


yeah, I think C&G and others have made heavy use of these, great library.


Really makes me want an Organelle. Would love to see some Orac videos!


Very curious how the display get’s updated here. Is this something in the externals? Anything specific to the Organelle?

I’ve previously worked on getting an OLED display working with the Terminal Tedium eurorack module (basically a euro platform for a RasPI). Another user got this working via a python script to read pd output, but I wish there was something better/faster.


After watching the video I’m pretty impressed! great Job @TheTechnobear!!!
So on the rPI side I guess all the editing that is done on the screen on the Organelle would be done on the webapp including CC mapping and preset saving/recalling.


exactly, thats the plan

the basic idea for rPI and Bela is to think of this as two sides of the same coin.

use the web app, to configure the rack (change modules/parameters/cc mapping, save presets etc) … and for some thats how they might always use it.
but for performance, some might choose to leave the app at home, and just use their midi controller(s) with their saved presets , and use it headless.

and rPI are relatively cheap, so you can have a few… a pocket orchestra as a friend of my called it.
(this is when pre-configuring/headless becomes really useful… I could even potentially transmit a config to another rPI :wink: )

I also want to keep the rack config files (including presets) compatible across platforms, so you could develop the rack on the Organelle then just copy it over to a headless pi (this is something i’ve been doing for rPI and Bela), or vice versa…

Approaching: norns

Hahah, I had no interest in the organelle until yesterday. Today I bought one :smiley:
(it’s your fault, @TheTechnobear)


Me too ! So I’ll see if one needs to choose between norns and organelle !


It put the Organelle on my radar for sure. I assumed it was just sort of a hackable Pocket Piano, but that doesn’t really do it justice.

Not sure this is the direction I want to go with my setup at the moment, but (along with Norns) it’s an idea for the back burner :slight_smile:


What wonderful work you’ve done here… all of sudden this box will become much more appealing to many people :slight_smile:


I really love the concept of the modular/slots interface! Modular, flexible, yet with nice limitations. Awesome design @TheTechnobear!


@TheTechnobear I am playing ORAC now and wanted to pop in someplace and thank you for your work. Here seemed a good a place as any, so thank you! This “open source instrument thing” is amazing and shreds my eyes and hands into crystal day-glo death beads crossbow launched into a skyscraper topped by a stranger and a stranger’s wife.


take both :slight_smile:


My Organelle arrived on 8th May from Junorecords… :smiley:


had orac open all day messing around at work. really turns the organelle into something amazing. it was pretty fun before. now it’s a serious noise machine. thanks!!!


Really great work, and even better that you got it running on Salt!
Would love to talk to you about making a web editor, we’ll be going down that route ourselves sooner or later.


Beyond the obvious ecosystem boosts for Organelle, I feel like Onda wouldn’t even be viable without Orac and an outside screen to configure things. (With that on the horizon, I am very much interested in Onda)


released nearly 2 weeks ago…
but Ive not been idle… dev is underway to bring Orac to more musicians :slight_smile:

(not just a mockup, this is fully working :slight_smile: )


Nice. Is that the web app UI?