Orac : open source instrument thing ;)


so my goal was not really a web app as such, my goal was to come up with a solution for remote control for both desktops and mobiles.

I looked at the web app tech and frankly, for the effort involved was not too happy with that approach nor the likely results… so instead Ive taken a different approach :slight_smile:

Orac already supports a full OSC interface, but that depth also makes it hard for someone to write a UI, unless you do a full blown native app and even then they dynamic nature of Orac makes this non-trivial.

so what ive done is create a new simplified OSC layer, which is trivial to write UIs for (albeit less flexible) - so the above is actually a lemur template based on that OSC layer, and Ive also a PD one… adding others is pretty trivial.

this method means not only can I provide free solutions on all platforms, but also users can easily tailor/improve it.

this approach also gives me some ‘breathing space’ to develop things, before I decide if I want to look at full blown native app(s) , which are my preferred long term solution… but are not an immediate priority.


Ok! That sounds very smart. So folks will be able to use something like touchOSC to control Orac?


Just chiming in to say i installed orac yesterday. Fantastic work Mark. Plugged in my guitar and spent a wonderful evening :blush: i had the organelle getting all dusty on the table. Not anymore! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


thank you! this is precisely the goal!

do it in touchOSC, Max, Mobmuplat, what ever you have to hand…

also, users have different devices, android phones, iphones, android tablets, ipad (of various sizes)… so I need a solution where users can easily edit the interface to suit its sizing/layout.
e.g. today, I change the above for the iphone, to make it a tabbed interface, and then made an iPad version that was a single page, larger text.

so hopefully we can collaborate, share these things… help each other.

and that’s the thing…

the broader goal of Orac is to allow musicians to use what they have.
forget new shiny hardware… that old ipad, that dusty rPI, old midi controller, in your desk drawer - they could be interesting, fun, musical instruments.