Orbital (Norns)


update - v1.1 is now live here: https://github.com/P1505/orbital/tree/orbital_alpha_v2

orbital is an experiment in simple sequences and interface design, it was created to learn Lua scripting for norns

orbital was created to get the basics of Lua down, and to fill time while the norns shipped. this first, pre-release version is a single 16 step sequence using PolyPerc. the next updates will see the code tidied, more sequences, the ability to change the steps and bpm per sequence, and my own engines. the inspiration came from a pencil and some IPA. I drew a circle, it looked like it would make a fun interface. I do like watching it go round. I also wanted to learn more trig.


you only need the norns.


it’s simple and documentation is on the readme on GitHub. Project page lives here - http://www.andrewlarking.co.uk/?p=11


v1.0.0 - https://github.com/P1505/orbital
v1.1 - https://github.com/P1505/orbital/tree/orbital_alpha_v2


congrats on your 1st project
so cool!

love the interface idea


like the visuals :slight_smile:

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I also like the sofa!


Was a lucky find. Was a great price.


Im hoping you mean the beer.

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Of course :slight_smile:

(minor critique/complaint) It would be a touch cleaner if you moved the orbital lua script into the main folder of your github project, rather than have it nested down one level

If I grab this with git clone, I will see the script showing up in the norns SELECT menu as orbital/p1505/orbital and orbital/p1505/src/orbital_circle

If orbital_circle is a library, place it in a lib folder and then it wont get listed in the select menu.


Good point, done.

I’m new to git, and find it confusing as hell. And the tools suck. I’m used to Sketch and Abstract. :slight_smile:

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A small update is here: https://github.com/P1505/orbital/tree/orbital_alpha_v2

I’ll merge to master if somebody can assure me it’s working on their Norns. Can you detect the nervous developer!

What’s new?

  • mainly tidying the code and learning.
  • now have two sequences with the ability to adjust frequency on each individually.
  • the circles are now in their own file, so can be used on other projects and hacked easily.
  • use encoder 1 to select which circle you want to play with.

The next update will be bigger and hopefully won’t take long. I only get ~2 hours a week on this code but most of the next update is done. That will bring BPM per circle, and the ability to change the sequences manually.


Oh, if anyone can help me kill the random screen flicker I’d appreciate it.

Version 1.1 is now live: https://github.com/P1505/orbital/tree/orbital_alpha_v2

You can now edit the length of each sequence, set BPM of each sequence, and also manually control the pitch of individual notes per sequence.

This is now done for a while. I want to learn how to build around grid and also get my own SC engines working, something that still troubles me. I’ve learned a huge amount from building this, mainly to not do interfaces based on circles! Trig is simple, animated trig based upon all these other numbers is a pig.



Alpha2 branch 1505Drums.sc is throwing an error on restart - which causes all other scripts to fail:

ERROR: syntax error, unexpected '.', expecting '{'
  in file '/home/we/dust/code/orbital/1505/1505Drums.sc'
  line 35 char 6:
  	this.addCommand("subOSC", "f", { arg msg;
  		subOSC = msg[1];
ERROR: file '/home/we/dust/code/orbital/1505/1505Drums.sc' parse failed
error parsing
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Not sure why that file is in the repo, you dont need it though so kill it.

The folder structure is:

-orbital Lua file
—orbital circle Lua file

That’s all you need. Apologies, not sure how that file got in there. It’s not in my local repo.

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amazing graphics ±!±

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Ta. They’re ok.

I’m going to go more abstract on the next one. Really looking forward to it, but not going to start it until the Supercollider part is done. And I’m terrible at SC. So it’ll be a while.


Great Code! Would be great to ad crow functionality. Hope that works.

hey @P1505 just waned to give you a heads up, the project page on your website seems like it’s not working (get a password prompt)