Orca - alternative firmware for white whale


Wow! Thanks. Will give this a go tonight.

Later: Perfect instruction, @scanner_darkly


thanks for feedback - glad the instructions were clear! added them to the manual as well.


Will test this weekend once my highly anticipated shipment arrives! Total Orca (and Monome) noob, so this should be interesting. And fun.


note for folks that are just starting on Orca - i’m in the process of updating the manual, so some sections might be a bit confusing or use older terminology. everything from Introduction and up to and including Scales is good to go and shouldn’t change. i’m working hard to finish the rest this week, and also planning to use the upcoming canadian thanksgiving to do another couple of videos.

and thanks for giving me the incentive to update the manual - it’s been on my todo list for far too long! (and big thanks to @accountboy - i’ve updated Tracks section based on your feedback!)


Amazing. I’ve been watching the youtube videos, from which I generally learn better than manuals to begin with. That said, I’ll stay tuned! Thank you for the hard work.


btw, some stuff in the videos applies to previous versions only - i added warnings to the videos when this is the case.


Good to know - I’ll keep that in mind! Thanks.


3 more sections of the manual updated - Triggers | Weights, Mutate | Randomize and Presets. getting there…


Oh, wow awesome! Love the work/love you put into this alt_firmware! I didn’t have much difficulty though to read the first manual, but due to lack of time I haven’t played with it for a long time, so a refresher with the new manual will certainly be good!


Potentially dumb question, but can this/will this be portable over to an Ansible?


not a dumb question at all! i do plan to port it to ansible at some point. i really want to hear orca generate 4 related sequences.

i should clarify - i’m considering doing a full port (so, standalone orca running on ansible module) and also doing a simpler version that could be one of the ansible apps.


quick start video:


Very nice, @scanner_darkly. Answered a couple of my remaining questions about Orca. Great sequencer!


Amazing. Thank you! This will save me a lot of time getting going - and makes me very happy to have sold the rene! hehe


Rene is very cool, but I doubt you’ll look back one you get going with Orca.


rene and orca are quite similar on a basic level, both step through 16 preselected notes non linearly. i didn’t actually realize this similarity until after orca was done - the initial inspiration for orca was the blacet binary zone module.

rene does have a benefit over orca in that you have individual knobs for each note, so might work better for some workflows.


using presets for arpeggiation or as a performance tool:


No shade intended by the comparison to the Rene. It’s a good thing, for me - the overlap in functionality makes it more intuitive coming from a modular world, but with infinitely more hands on control, something I’ve been craving from sequencers ever since I decided to go eurorack. It’s really a blessing. Between all these videos (and whatever others you may have planned) I would find it hard to NOT get started quickly :slight_smile:


didn’t read it that way! it’s interesting to compare the concepts behind them though - i’m sure there are many unexplored possibilities around the idea of generating a path through a fixed sequence, especially if the path itself is not static.


Exactly. And there’s no way anyone would claim that it’s somehow infringing on the basis of thinking about things in x-y grids!