Orca - alternative firmware for white whale


I gotcha. It’s the least I can do. I can film it it action so you can see where it stands and help you in any way.


awesome, thank you! video would be most helpful, just a few seconds on each of the 12 pages should give me most of the information i need to start on this.


I’ll bang one out tonight after I get home. Nothing fancy if you just need to see it in action.


yeah, don’t even need the sound, just see what it looks like. no rush, won’t be able to get to this until next week!


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Here you go. Oddly my first two rows after the pages menu don’t light in this version where as they did in the previous. But this should give you an idea of what it looks like.


thank you for doing this! this is really helpful.

it’s actually a lot better than i expected, to be honest. looks like it only turns LEDs on if the brightness level is 8 (or 9) or higher, so most of the pages are still usable. i do see several things i can tweak though, especially the presets page.

as for the first 2 rows not lighting up - that’s because in later versions i switched to gradient lighting for the tracks, seemed to better separate it from the mode buttons visually (and for the eye candy factor!). so the first 2 rows are too dark and get rendered on a non VB grid as ‘off’.


I like it too! It’s very streamlined this way. It’s a bloody great sequencer either way!


i’m sure you already saw in the code, but there are separate functions for VB vs. mono refresh that can be implemented. and also as you deduced, the “driver” layer does a level split-- this threshold can be changed, but i’d prefer not to tinker with the driver layer.

and yes-- VB vs. mono mode is fully detectable.


how do you guys feel about using panel controls to toggle grid functionality?

ie, pushing the panel button to change arc modes?

i’ve been considering how more panel controls could facilitate more intuitive grid layouts. trying to learn orca myself has made me realize how much studying has to happen to really get these grid apps (though honestly i forget the WW hot keys still).


Hey Guys
I’m trying to install Orca to check it but i can’t, as it says that thing about the privileges, i then created the command file on text edit from Scanner Darkly’s github, but strangely enough it keeps telling me i don’t have enough privileges to run that command… Anyone had something similar?

Module firmware update troubleshooting

thanks @tehn! didn’t realize the threshold is configurable, good to know! but yeah, it works really well with the current threshold, looks like only minor tweaks will be required. also good to have autodetection, so can still be one version.


@tehn created a new topic to discuss this - please see it for a couple of suggestions i posted.


interesting question - i think it could help if there was also some visual feedback on the module itself? like a single character display that would help knowing which mode / page you’re on? i prefer not to having to rely on the panel button (the module is usually covered with cables anyway!) but it definitely opens up possibilities when using arc.

and i’m just going to dream now about a perfect module for firmware hacking - so something that would have 4 CV and 4 trigger outputs, a CV input, 2 trigger inputs, a knob, a couple of buttons, and a small display - and i just realized it already exists and is called Teletype :slight_smile:


there’s no reason why TT can’t be coded to accept a grid. the framework is there. needs Switch though as the 5v won’t deliver. i’ve thought about making some grid experiments using TT myself!


Grid + TT!? Amazing.


one of the items on my growing to do list is to try something using arc/grid with TT, i didn’t check if the skeleton framework was already included but if it is that makes things much easier! could be an addition to the existing TT firmware, having commands to control LEDs and variables to read the encoders and the buttons.

or some completely new firmware, but having such a great display and so many inputs and outputs is such a luxury i haven’t yet thought of something that would be able to take advantage of all of that. but the possibility is extremely exciting!

also, what would be neat it to have a different kind of switch, one that would allow to switch between 2 devices going to the same host. there might be something like that already though?


this was my thinking. since the other trilogy modules are input-scarce, the idea of a deep ww-like thing but with tons of trigger inputs for various sync and functions. or like you said with orca, having a trig-per track, which would be great.

i haven’t thought to make something like this. conceivably if hub support was implemented on the chip, you could switch internally via the firmware (granted you’d need a hub which would be ugly.) but wiring up a reverse-switch (2 A, 1 B) would be totally trivial. seems a bit of a drag though, because it’d mean when switched to the arc, for example, the grid would be totally nonfunctional. a hub would be more fun (and more work).


i did at one point consider doing a multi track sequencer with individual clocks/resets with cross trigger ‘modulation’ but haven’t thought of doing it with TT - something to consider now! thank you for the idea.

and, of course, you’re absolutely right, instead of switching between 2 devices and 1 host it’d have to be something that could map between multiple devices and multiple hosts…


don’t make me buy a second tt!
i am already trying to hold off buying a second ww because orca is awesome but i’d like to have a standard ww next to it.
if i now also want a second tt to run whatever you are coming up with next to a standard tt, my whole plan for consolidation and being happy with what i have goes out the window…
so, don’t do it!!! :wink: