Orca - live coding tool


If you’re interested in live coding and minimal / cryptic interfaces that’s worth checking out.

Latest tracks + videos

love Hundred Rabbits, I’ll have to try this out


Wow, I’m just learning about Hundred Rabbits! They’re pretty incredible.
I spent a few minutes trying to figure out PICO before I saw they made a tracker as well

I had a lot of fun exploring Marabu today! It makes it easier for me to think in terms of patterning and composition. I wish it could export midi/osc; it would be really fun to send controls to a more complex sound design system.

Not to derail the thread–
I’d be really interested in sharing some PICO “code”; learning by modification. Has anyone figured out some approaches to writing patches? I did find it pretty inscrutable but I think I just need to spend more time exploring control structures / getting some midi instruments hooked up.


I haven’t spent much time with it yet but I plan on learning more about it. Sharing code would be nice :slight_smile:


Finally made sound with it (and Ableton)
Here’s a little polymetric-ish example
hello.orca (1.4 KB)

There’s a few independent “regions” on this, you can isolate them by commenting the other (with #)


I’ve been following this on twitter.

It’s definitely really cool, and I’m into the visual/sandbox/microcosm aspects. I’m a fan of more visual oriented programming, trackers, etc where you have the visual feedback along with the data. Some friends and I have been talking about live coding a lot recently and I’d like to spend some time getting into this over the winter.

It also reminds me of Brogue :slight_smile: https://sites.google.com/site/broguegame/


Looks amazing. Dwarf Fortress for music?

(a recent tweet suggests it can be hooked into VCV Rack. there goes my life)


It can be hooked to anything midi compatible :slight_smile:


This is highly intriguing, and I’ll try this out over the weekend when I’m back home.
I’m really into the very restricted approach here, and the few examples I heard online sound interesting.
Doing a lot with so little always seems rewarding.