Orca - Livecoding Tool

The web version works great on iOS except one catch… Safari doesn’t implement any MIDI functionality (and other browsers on iOS use the Safari engine). A year or two ago I tried to wrap the javascript code in a custom app with MIDI support but was having lots of problems. It’s probably possible but the C version is a lot happier on the BSD UNIX roots of iOS.

I’m very fascinated by Uxn! I came across the orca-toy C code when studying up on it. The project is still over my head but I might be able to work on an iOS Uxn VM. Do you know if anyone is working on that?

Also, I think Apple still doesn’t look kindly on apps with VM or code execution. So once again, probably no App Store publishing in its future.


Do you mean a Swift implementation of Uxn? You’d be the first yeah!

Might not be a bad idea to have a native application to run Uxn roms on iOS device, even if it’s not to be ending up on the app store, could the same codebase might be used to build a native OSX emulator? I’m not sure if it would be necessarily better than the SDL2 version that should already build on OSX atm.

Implementing Uxn is the best good way to learn about the system itself, it’s a tiny codebase(3 files of 400ish lines), let me know if you have any questions in the Uxn thread.


Well well that’s quite a peculiar looking Orca scene isn’t it? :wink:

The door opens.
..       ..
F.####   ..
.|   #   --

Nethack on norns @ actually.


I made a little video that shows how to assemble the orca.rom from scratch :slight_smile:
Maybe that could be handy to someone.


I’m terrible at properly comprehending how licenses cascade, so I’ll just ask here - would it violate the Uxn or Orca licenses to get them working on iOS, add some integration with Apple’s iOS APIs, and distribute them (most likely freely) on the App Store? I assume yes, since it would involve bundling proprietary and open-source code together and distributing on a closed platform.

It wouldn’t, Uxn is under MIT, anyways, you won’t get any flack from us. I think it would be nice if people could mess with Uxn on their phones :slight_smile: Make the application free, and release the source code so people can build it themselves, that’s all I’m asking



IOW: the ios guidelines are a little laxer these days w/r/t I terpreted languages. They’re ok as long as only stuff in the app bundle gets executed

(Of course they can change their mind and pull your app at any moment)

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I’m sure they use this rule to ban all ROM players so you can’t load up your old NES games. You would probably have a tough time explaining to the reviewer that Uxn has nobler goals then pirating old video games.

If we’re lucky though we can get a version into private beta and allow up to 1k people to use it. The beta review process is much less strenuous.


uxn orca.rom | shim
(just for the kick drum sound u-he tyrellN6)
uxn orca built in synth sounds

'random’s not random :slightly_smiling_face:


@neauoire loved your set at Flashcrash²!

The plan is still to emigrate to Uxn for mobile but in the meantime I’ve been finding the Orca.wtf version super helpful for commutes.

Really cool being able to send links like this:

Anyone want to do multiplayer?!

Woul uxn rom netplay be a pipedream?

Edit: Oh my word I forgot how good the pilot FX are! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Being able to run orca on my iPad would be amazing. I’m still trying to comprehend what I saw/heard at the flash crash last weekend. I didn’t catch the whole set but what I did experience was insane!


I’ve just started on Orca in the Nintendo DSI.
Got it up and running with the internal sound engine “=”
I’m i right that it is only 1 channel monophonic at the moment? Or am i missing something?

@Shiftr yes, that’s right, the uxn onboard synth is very much a work in progress :slight_smile: Currently working on improving that, give me a couple of days and it’ll be a lot more interesting.


I’m now imagining an orca multiplayer flash crash set, building on and fucking up eachothers work for 20 minutes


yes that would be so awesome. really enjoying working with destructive generators right now.


I am really into describing any musical collaborators as a destructive generator now :wink:


as @fourhoarder was searching for fast ways to switch things in the flash crash thread, here it is a “timed comment” structure =D



I’m planning to dedicate to RPi4 just for Orca-c, would it be possible to add a config file so that the RPI launches Orca-c right after booting? This would then become my Orca in a box :slight_smile:


Have you seen the UXN thread? That could be a better way of running orca and orca only on pi. In fact, if your intention is to solely have orca in a box, you could use an even smaller cheaper device than a pi 4 with uxn, since it’s so lightweight.


Orca-c runs without a graphic display though, over e.g. a terminal connection like ssh or on a simple OLED screen like the one on norns.

Depending what peripherals the RasPi will have, it can definitely go straight to Orca-c through auto-login